Friday, 20 October 2017

Spoiled moviegoer

We have a short autumn leave from work and I have been spoiled rotten (again!).

My darling knows I love a certain kind of aroma-candles, hence I received this beautiful candle as a gift. My darling also knows I am running out of perfume, only a little left. And then I receive this! I have used the same perfume for so long I would not know what to do if Kenzo decided not to produce flower anymore... tack älskade.
I ordered Ane Brun's latest cd, it arrived just in time for the short holiday. My favorite right now is this, a beautiful cover of Tom Petty's song, enjoy.

On wednesday I saw Sameblod. What an important film. I wish everyone could see this. It is vital that we see our history from all angles.

Yesterday I also saw a wonderful film, Victoria & Abdul. A warm film. I do recommend it aswell.

Someone commented on my facebook post, when I checked in to our local movietheatre on fb, (I do it everytime I see a film, to help make the movietheatre appear on facebook - and that is about once a week, sometimes many times a week or sometimes just once a month!) that how do you have time to see so many films and how can you afford it and bla-bla. Well, I am a moviegoer. Thesaurus describes a moviegoer as: Noun 1. moviegoer - someone who goes to see movies
Simple as that. It is my hobby, a dear interest. I have been a moviegoer all my life. I lived next door to a movietheatre as a child. I got to see all Disney's classics and other children's movies. I have always loved seeing film on big screen. I never get tired of it.  I used to be a frequent film festival goer too, but I don't attend as much as before. It was easy when living in the capital. I also do not own a tv. Have not for many years. To go see a film in a movietheatre is something I get pleasure from. I have managed to infect my partner. So we often see films together. But not all the time. It is no big deal for either of us to go see a film without the other. I love to see a film together and afterwards talk about it.

I shall see many more films this week, so my acquaintance who commented on my check-in will be mighty surprised. And for the question on how I can afford it. Well, it is all about priorities. I never hang out in bars, so there for ex.

I have a bathtub. It arrived during the week. Oh yes. Update on this coming your way soon. 

Sunday, 15 October 2017


I've cast some things previously in concrete and always thought it so darn wonderful. So I stumbled upon a wonderful Instagram account called houseofstrand and she has cast wonderful things using lace. I was so inspired, the next day I just had to try it out. So I paid a visit to the fleamarket to try find lace tablecloths. I found two. I started the project, this is what it looked like:

After about 24hrs it had burned enough to feel quite dry, so I took a chance and turned the lot and removed the lace. It was very fascinating to remove the lace and see the pattern revealed.

I let it burn for another day to dry completely. I am so very pleased. It has been so much fun to do.

This is the outcome and I am sure you can see why I am so very pleased, isn't it wonderful?

If you are interested in trying out something similar, visit houseofstrand, and take a look at the videos, it is in fact quite easy.

Take care dear friends! Love! Love!

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Tiffany glass for my verandah

So the first tiffany glass for my verandah is ready, hooray!
It has been ever so fun to make, but not the easiest thing for me (personally) as I am the daughter of a tiffany-artist. I also had some slight difficulties finding the design. I received the solution to the design in a dream, just made a few alterations later to it, using the golden ratio I altered the size of the middle pieces.
Here is the solution to the design I wrote about a while back.
The outcome (the colour is unfortuantely not correct in the picture):

I did not attach it in place, as I did not want to open the window as I have just isolated with wollen yarn, and it is quite time consuming to do. So I wait until I have a few more.

Thursday. Again time to beat my mister in badminton. Hih!

Tuesday, 10 October 2017


Autumn is a wonderful season. All the colours and the air, I feel the air is perfect.
Yesterday I stood for a while and looked at the birchtrees by the shore, they looked golden. The wind made the leaves fall, it looked like it was raining gold! I walked in golden rain. So so beautiful! My soul is fed well with all this beauty!

I found some crazy huge vintage fabric flowers at the fleamarket. Look how well they go with my cushions!

In the evening we had a parental evening at the school. We had a lecture by Micaela Romantschuk-Pietilä, she is the executive at an organisation called Hem och skola. The lecture was very inspiring, out of the box -thinking. I love beeing surprised like this, I like beeing challenged to think out of the box. It is so easy to get stuck in old routines, great to sometimes get woken up by inspiring people. 

I am so happy, so much in love. I feel at ease on so many levels. I am very privileged and grateful.
Love. Love. Love.

Monday, 9 October 2017

Weekends filled with bliss

Weekends like these are worth so much, I feel so happy!
On saturday I first had a small performance at an art-opening, I was honored to perform with Kalle Katz.
After the performance I met up with my darling, we bought groceries at the market and made a delicious dinner.
I also started working  on a project. On thursday I received the material for my chimney-project, it weighs 599kg! And yes I carried it all once by myself, I had to as it was going to rain and I was hysterical it would get wet.

Ok, so I do not want to look at a pile of construction material, so I had planned to proceed with a project called "The screen". I thought a screen would be perfect, it would be easy to move, but I also wanted it to be pretty too.
On saturday I started piling old fabric, old sheets, an old tablecloth and lots of lace.
This is how far I gor on saturday evening:

On sunday I continued working on my screen. And I was well pleased when it was finished. It poured down with rain most of the day, so it was the perfect thing to do on a rainy sunday. I also used some buttons I found.

Now I do not feel stressed about the chimney-project. It will proceed when my builder has time, he is very busy.

A new week. I wish us all a very good one. Take care friends, plenty of love!

Friday, 6 October 2017


It has been a great week!

On monday we kicked off a new sewing circle. We were so many!!!! And not everyone who had planned to participate could join! Fantastic! I learned how to crochet an african flower. So next time I shall do a few more, to really get a hang of it.

This week is a theme week for seniors in my town. I by no means identify as a senior, but there was a consert I attended. By Dallapé-orchestra. The vocalist and conductor is my former colleague Juha Hostikka. I have always adored his voice. I had goosebumps now. It was great to enjoy the concert and I even got to talk for a short while, oh my how I laughed! We share some great memories. Juha performed at my wedding, many many years ago.

Yesterday I received the material for my new chimney. Things are happening now. A new chimney, finishing touches to the new electricity and some changes to the bathroom. Slowly, slowly my renovation is getting ready.

Here is my latest column if you care to have a read.

Below is a sunray I caught. A sunray from the kitchenwindow, via a mirror in the bedroom and onto the wall where the wedding picture of my grandparents hang. My beautiful lovely grandmother Vieno. She passed away when I was 11years old. She was very dear to us all. The frame was in an awful condition, so I changed it a few years ago.

Weekend just around the corner, wishing you a lovely one! Lots of love to you all!

Monday, 2 October 2017

The outcome was...

... a wonderful weekend.
On saturday we hiked for many hours in autumn weather, the air was moist and the light was very special. It was wonderful. The archipelago, the sea, the weather and the bestest company of my darling.

In the evening we had dinner at L's parents. They had lit many fires in their garden, we felt so welcome. After a delicious dinner we cykled home in a mild evening.

On sunday my brother came to visit and we dined at our local nepalese restaurant, again a delicious meal. The rest of the day I spent isolating my windows. It is october and I wanted to turn the heating system on, but  no point in heating without proper isolation. I use 100% wool yarn.
But before I started my isolation-project, me and L installed a firewall in my kitchen. It's a firewall between the wooden stove and my kitchen unit. I have a building-permit and due to that I need to add certain things according to the fire safety requirements . So it is not pretty, but I tried to at least make it a little special. I cut short supports from an old copper water pipe. Looks a wee bit nicer than just ordinary screws.

Ok so new week, new month. Have a good one friends. Take care and love.

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Muru, the media cat

Hih, Muru is famous. Locally famous, as this interview is in a local paper called Itäväylä. The article is about microchips for pets. Highly recommended.
My darling Muru, microchipped and loved media cat.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Almost exactly two years ago...

...we hiked in Repovesi nationalpark.
And on saturday we hiked there again! We had wonderful weather, sunny and warm. This we will keep in our hearts and recall when the dark winter feels overwhelming. I took no photographs at all, I keep all the beauty in my heart.

What a nice surprise to find a great interview with dear Tiia, my ex-sister-in-law, in the sunday paper. I could almost hear her say some of the answers out loud. That is when you have known someone for so many years.

Autumn has been gentle, but now I can feel it is time to isolate my windows and start heating. Time to cuddle up and burn candles, listen to soft music and sip favorite teas. Time for autumn.

 Stay warm dear friends.


Monday, 18 September 2017

There's beauty everywhere

The light this morning was just so beautiful. I sat drinking my coffee, just enjoying the beauty and feeling so blessed and so thankful for all that I have been given.

There is beauty everywhere. Remember that you are worthy of all the good that comes your way, open up to it, and it will find it's way to you. Make good your master, make good your way of life, make good your norm.

 Above is my comfort angel Rosa, under an antique chandelier and limetree branch.


Thursday, 14 September 2017

Solution in a dream

I have wonderful windows on my verandah, each window has one large window/ glass and four small windows. I've always loved lead glass and tiffany glass. So I've decided to attach tiffany glass to the small windows. My only problem has been the design. I want something simple. For some reason this task has become a rather difficult one. I suppose simple isn't my thing. But I definitely want simple for my verandah.
Last night I saw it ready in my dream. All I had to do was draw the design today and I love it:

These are NOT the colours I am going to use. It is only to indicate the different pieces.
I have signed up for a course in order to get them done. Funny isn't it, I just happen to have so much in life, I need to enroll in a course in order to actually get things done!
I have been thinking about this design quite  a lot, because I think it would be good to have a ready idea once the course starts, so I need not use time there to plan and think of what to do. I can just start producing. I have over 30 small windows...

I cykled past our gardencentre today, they sell out plants and stuff. I picked up two hydrangeas and planted them today. I hope they will like it in my garden.

Wonderful Ane Brun is releasing a new album this autumn. A cover album. This is a first release. I love it.

Last week we saw Sofia Coppolas new film The Beguilded. It turned out quite different than what I had thought  when I saw the trailer. I really enjoyed it.

It has been so wonderful and warm, the autumn is just treating us so nicely.

Take care dear friends. Love. Much love.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Puppet Theatre and sunrays

Last week me and my friends Ilona and Kaisa, attended a wonderful and touching theatre play, with puppets and actors.
The play was called Kohtauspaikkoja kadonneille. My friend Iida Vanttaja has co-written and directed the play, and of course, made the puppets.

On tuesday a sunray found it's way to the bedroom. The sunray came through the kitchen window, via a mirror in the bedroom and onto a wall and tickled my grandmother, in her weddingphoto.

My dear grandmother Vieno. I loved her so much, still do.
Today I shall do something I haven't done in years. The ones who now me, know that I always cut my own hair. But now I have decided to give it a try, to go the hairdresser, hih!

Monday, 4 September 2017

We need love and a pun!

No, I am not preaching we forget and turn a blind eye to what is going on in the world.
But in order to be able to cope with the unfair world, we need love and a pun.
I think we all need a little tjo, hopp och kärlek. It is a pun of Tro, hopp och kärlek. Faith, hope and love. Faith is now a tjo, that is what we shout, tjo hopp, when we dance, when we have fun.
The pun is by my friend Haje. And I immediately wanted to embroider the words, but suddenly old wallpaper found in my house and some cut out letters made magic and tadaa, this is the outcome:

This is what I wish you all!

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

When much is going on

Last week was rather hectic.
I spent thursday and friday out on an island called Svartholm, a former fortress. Tents and fires and spending all day with outdoor activities.
Came saturday and sunday, it was the annual open door event, Loviisan wanhat talot/ Lovisa historiska hus.
My house, Lilla Ljuva, was also open for the public.
So many wonderful guests, again the walls in my house echo of kind lovely words. I feel so grateful!

This picture is from friday evening, when I had received lots of sunflowers from my colleague.

I'm off to the theatre tonight with my friends. Take care dear ones. Love and love!

Monday, 21 August 2017

Cobblestone project update

During the weekend I continued working on my cobblestone -project.

Here I am working hard...I had sand in my hair, in my underwear, between my toes...

Wishing you a wonderful week. Be safe, be blessed, spread love.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

A magical august night

Last night, me and my darling, drove to the neighbouring town, but in the countryside, along smaller roads and ended up walking a wooden path for 1km in a magical forest. We ended up at a wooden hut called Kannonnokka, had some tapas and sat on woolen blankets and enjoyed an intimate gig by Ninni Poijärvi and Mika Kuokkanen. Then Joshua James and Evan Coulombe took stage. What a gig. Beautiful, with the sun setting behind their backs, a beautiful night. August nights and beautiful music, my god, I cannot for the life of me describe the event.

Well, I first saw Joshua perform in Helsinki, soon five years ago. Or maybe longer. I loose track of time these days. And I was immediately charmed. His music resonates in me. 

I am obviously happy to have been able to introduce Joshua for my darling. It is never the same on record, so happy we took time to attend this special intimate gig. I feel very privileged to have the opportunity to experience this.

Here is Feel the same.    

We drove home in the dark night. 

Love my dear friends. Love.

Sunday, 13 August 2017


For over two years I've thought of building a roof for my "heat source" in the back garden. With a little help from my darling this is the outcome:

I am very pleased! It is supposed to keep snow away from piling on top.

Last night we had a storm. Thunder and lightning and I don't think I've ever seen it rain like this before. It left households without electricity for hours! Trees have fallen and cut of roads and fallen on top of cars! My household was not affected by the storm at all. My darling made a delicious fishsoup, we ate in candlelight and had a cozy night.

Last thursday we attended Robbie Williams concert at Ratina stadion in Tampere. What a show! I cried when he sang I love my life. We had organized a bus transportation, so it was luxury to have a bus waiting for us after the show. I have honestly never been a person for big stadium concerts, they are usually too big for me, I don't feel they touch me. But for some reason I really enjoyed this concert, I danced and was happy! It also matters to see my darling so happy.

Work has started, I am so ready to get back to everyday routines. I enjoy my work so it is really a privilege to be able to say I am happy and rested after my loooooong holiday.

Wishing you all a lovely mid-august. I love this month!
Love and more love!

Monday, 7 August 2017

August, my love

I love the month of august, the velvet nights, the starlit skies, it's still summer but we are heading towards autumn. Slowly.

Last night we attended Lovisa Peaceforum's last event, there was discussion about Nonviolent peaceforce, and how it is possible and the actual fieldwork. I do admire people who do this, it is when a violent conflict starts that these brave people stay and do not withdraw.
The evening ended in a Hiroshima memorial where we lay lanterns in the water, while wonderful Lauri Wuolio played handpan.

On friday we were in other moods. We attended Borgå popfest to listen to Bo Kaspers orkester. And it was great!!! My darling has not seen them live before, this was my third time. In the end there was a surprise-guest, they have collaborated with finnish singer Frida Andersson, they performed their hit Paradiset. They also did my favorite Håll ut.
We left after Bo Kasper's, there was a gig by finnish singer Kaija Koo after, but neither of us enjoy her music, so it was easy to take a walk along the beautiful river and take the bus home. 

On saturday I met up with 10 person whom have been so important in my life, my fellow companions from the Theatre academy. It is 20yrs since we became Masters of Arts. Four years we studied togetehr. Four very intense years.
We met at the peak of Observatorieparken and drank champagne in the sun and it felt just all natural to see everyone. Blimey, 20 yrs since graduation!
We walked to our eventplace that was a small theatre. On stage there was a table set for 11 persons and we had a lovely dinner. I cannot remember when I last laughed so much. We watched old photographs and a few films. Oh my, we were so young then. So innocent.
It was a great evening and we danced and until morning hours. I walked to Kronohagen as I stayed with my ex-husband for the night.
Below is a picture of me and Max. We shared a flat, me, Max and Carl-Gustaf. The best memories. They have both become such great friends, and what great flat mates they were. This picture is taken after a very very long weekend. We were dead tired. And the quality of the picture isn't exactly great, but I think it sort of goes well with how we felt.

Below is a picture taken 24 yrs later! Max and me!

So happy and proud how well we all have succeeded in life. They are all very dear to me.

Take care friends. Enjoy august and love!

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Friends, family and Saya

We've had friends and family visiting, oh what joy.

L's sweet son asked if he could take a look at my sconces that I had purchaised in Berlin four years ago. L had complained about me not finding anyone who could fix new wire to them. L's son happens to know this he asked if he could fix them for me. Well, I have told you I am spoiled haven't I? Look at the fantastic outcome:

I really enjoy how my bedroom turned out. The light, the curtains, the cushions. The wallpaper, I am in love!

I hand-dyed my cushions, as I really like the feel and form of them, the colour was just not right any longer. I used two Dylon colour-buttons and then washed the cushions in the washingmachine after the colouring process.
They also turned out just great, take a look:

They also go well with my patchwork quilt. I made it many, many years ago. From my husband's worn out shirts. I also used pieces from a scarf and a vintage flower fabric.

There has been quite a wee bit going on, I performed at Liljevisan, a lovely event in a nearby village. I am so happy I got the honor to perform there. I am a huge fan of the event myself, it is very warm event, great performers and musicians and I love the music.
My dear brother came to help me with my garden-project, he helped me place the huge tiles. I told you I am spoiled! So grateful!

Plan is to clean up the garden this week... so it is a work in process. Still, it has taken huge leaps! This is what it looked like a few months ago.

I made bruschetta the other day, it is my favorite this time of year, as the tomatoes in Finland are actually ripe now in the summer. I hate raw, faded tomatoes. So, in the summer I like to eat tomatoes and bruschetta is a favorite. I always peel the tomatoes, and that is very easy to do if you make a small cut in a cross pattern on top of the tomato and place the tomatoes in hot (boiling) water for a minute. Then peel off the tomatoe skin once they have cooled enough to handle. Chop (I always cut of the stem base) and add plenty of chopped basil, some balsamic vinegar, olive oil, salt and pepper.
I buy fresh bread from a local bakery based in a foodmarket, slice and brush one side with olive oil, I place the olive-oil side down when I roast the bread slices in the oven and once they have roasted for 5 minutes, I add bruschetta on to the olive-oil side, it creates a barrier so the juices don't make the bread soggy.

Here is my latest column if you care to read.

On friday I had my friends Kaisa and Ilona over, we had som sparkling wine and some tapas. We had planned to see a funny band we accidentally saw last year and then Kaisa saw an ad that they are back in town in july! We had a blast and danced and I was home in the morning hours...

What else can I say, I have had a wonderful summer. there is plenty left of it, so much going on, so I send you love and warm thoughts. Enjoy the season and love! Here is a wonderful song for you to breathe in, move to, or do like me, just start your day with this and the day will get a great feel, a wonderful flow and all will be fine my dear, just fine.

Lovely talented Sona Jobarteh and beautiful Saya.

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Oh summer!

What a wonderful day, my friend Sanne (she is my neighbour) asked if I wanted to join her for an outing. We first drove to a fleamarket, we both made som fun finds and then we headed towards the sea. We parked the car and walked in the woods along a path and found our way to the cliffs and sat there talking and enjoying the beautiful day.

We did not swim as there was far too much blue-green algae, and it is not healthy. Oh poor Baltic sea, the state of it is appalling. With the St. Petersburg sewage directly into the Baltic sea it is no wonder it is polluted.

Oh, had a sweet memory on facebook today, our first trip abroad with my darling. We spent a week in lovely Corfu in the beginning of august. We booked the trip on the 16th of july 2014. I wrote about our fantastic holiday here. We were so excited. We were very happy there. It was so wonderful to get away, just the two of us. And the most perfect location.
We often recall the wonderful holiday we had. The spectacular view from our balcony, the evening walks, the food, the fun things we did. There was this wonderful restaurant where we actually dined quite a few times, they served delicious food and they were so friendly. It was one of those places you just find by coincidence, it was closed during the day and one evening we walked past it, it was all lit up and filled with flowers and full of guests. The street was a dark alley, there was nothing else but this small lovely restaurant. So we decided to wait for a table, as we felt we wanted to dine there. I am glad we waited as the food was just wonderful. Corfu is forever in our hearts. Maybe we will return one day.
This year we postpone our travels due to other fun things ahead.

Oh joy.  My bedroom is ready, Just need to hang curtains, I chose the same velvet curtains as I have in my living room.

Life is certainly good. I am grateful.
take care dear ones. Love. And even more love.

Friday, 14 July 2017

Wallpaper bliss

I have finally come to the stage in my wallpaper-project, where I am actually hanging wallpaper! There has been a lot to prepare before this stage, but now it's all wallpaper bliss from now on!

This is just a quick peek:

I ordered my wallpaper from Seinäruusu, it is so easy! In my town there is no interior shop that sells this large variety of wallpapers, so therefor I chose to order online. Also, it is very simple as it is delivered to your doorstep, convenient for a person like me without a car. I am so pleased.
The pattern I chose is William Morris Chrysamtemum toile.

On tuesday I made an excursion with my friends Kaisa, Pia-Leena and Marketta. Kaisa took charge of driving, we first picked up Pia-Leena and then we drove to Marketta's lovely little cottage and adored her garden and drank coffee and ate buns. We had buns from Tuhannen tuskan kahvila with us - Kaisa lives opposite our favorite café.
We then drove to Orimattila. We first paid a visit to an artcastle, owned by Soile Yli-Mäyry. The castle was interesting, but I did not find the artwork pleasing for my taste. It actually left me very cold.
Our main destination was Villa Roosa. What an exhibition. There were so many interesting and fascinating pieces and artists. Unfortuantely it is the last year Villa Roosa is open for the public as an artmuseum, it has been sold and will be a private home.

We had such a lovely excursion, I was home in time for some quality time with my darling. We had cake and tea, I had bought some roses as it was my darling's birthday. Grattis än en gång älskling!

Take care my dear friends, I hope you have time to breathe in the summer. Look at the birds, listen to the breeze of the leaves in the trees. Get blinded by the sun! Love and love!

Monday, 10 July 2017


The best thing was meeting a hedgehog in my garden! I heard all this russle in the bushes and suddenly I see this funny little creature. I so love hedgehogs, my favorite animals. I hope it returns.

Another wonderful new thing for this summer has most definitely been the birdbath. Oh my what joy it brings. The birds splashing and being silly.

And looking at the swallows doing there evening flight training! They are fast, they are like something from a star wars movie. We have been gazing at the sky and feeling amazed.

The privilege of picking flowers from your own garden.

Peonies and roses.
The scale to the left is a christmas present from my darling, and the jug is something from my childhood home.

On friday evening we met up with our friends and had dinner at Saltbodan restaurant, we continued the evening by listening to some 20's jazz tunes, a charming little local band called Samamama performed. I saw their first gig in the winter, at rest. Bella and thought they were ever so charming, so when I saw the poster of the upcoming gig, I even made a mark in my calender. We had a lovely night out, cycled home with a smile on my face. Also due to a very sweet encounter. I noticed two persons looking at me, the girl smiled and I smiled back. After a while she came up to me and said she had never seen anyone so radiant and smiling, she said she loved my style and that they thought I was ihana, a lovely finnish word for wonderful or lovely. There I sat, with my darling next to me, and just melted. My darling whispered that she was right, you are lovely he said.
Of course it is fantastic to hear words like that and I am so grateful, it is so exceptional for people to actually come up to you, a stranger, and say that. We should do that more often. But mostly, give compliments to ourselves, love and accept ourselves.

There is a rather great TED talk over on youtube by Caroline McHugh (she is going on, a wee bit of wabble for a fair bit, so give it more than a few minutes and she will get to the point pretty soon!) about being yourself. Here.
She has a lovely way to talk, so take it as a gift, she will calm you. She will hopefully give a seed, to plant, how to be authentic, how to be yourself. She talks about approval addiction, something (according to Caroline, mostly women suffer from) and the need for approbation, to be liked. How important it is to become perception free, as we can never be perception-less. Be better of beeing yourself.
I have been thinking about the quote of Baroness Campbell, that "humility is NOT thinking less of yourself. Humility is thinking of yourself less."  
In my opinion something we should all take in and, especially in these times where everyone just talks about themselves. We takes selfies, and if we see a picture of ourselves, we comment on our looks, usually in a negative way. Well, I have to be honest, I NEVER do that. I never talk degrading about my looks or about myself. Why should I?
We are too obsessed with ourselves. And the perception of others. Why spend so much time on something you can never control? Be kind, be considerate, be loving and generous. Be honest and be genuine. It is what counts. I recommend. And step into a more loving and accepting life.

My dear friends, take care. Be yourselves. Love and love even more.

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Summer peak

A certain someone with her avec, was invited to the opening of Sällskapsresan at Lurens sommarteater. It has become a tradition for me and L to yearly attend the opening. This was our third time. The first time I remember clearly, as it was one of the first places we (me and L) showed up as a couple. I recall all the kind words, the greetings, the wishing wells and the thumbs up we received. This was just the beginning of our relationship and the trust we suddenly felt, this was the loving support we received from our community, we felt we have absolutely nothing to fear and no reason to hide, not our love and not our relationship. I recall how warm and happy people were for us.
Not once have we encountered anything else but happy faces and gestures, wishing wells and cheers.
I still do not regret taking a chance on love. And we both won on that lottery! We are so happy that we have found each other. Life treats us very well. I thank my darling often for the most beautiful love I have ever experienced. I hope and wish this kind of love for everyone. Maya Angelou has once said that  "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."
Well, the way this lovely dear man makes me feel, is quite simply wonderful! 

On a sadder note, I managed to get bitten by too many mosquitos and the outcome was an allergy-attack, that turned nasty. I'm ok now. It just scared me. And happy to have receive great help.
Hence I also sadly missed the party of my friend Maria. She throws a garden party yearly and due to my allergy attack I could not attend. Well, luckily I can visit and see her garden in bloom any time soon. and there is a painting project I want to see in real life...I shall post pics once I've paid a visit.

Well, time to continue work. I am currently working in my bedroom, I have a large project going on!
It contains wallpaper. The thing is, I am redoing all the underwork aswell - the reason is such a long story I shall spare you that, but that is why it takes a little longer for me to finish the project. So I have moved out of the bedroom, I am currently sleeping on a mattress in the living room. Well, it will be fab! We are talking more William Morris wallpaper...

Last week I found this graphic at the fleamarket. I liked it and bought it. The frame with passepartout was huge, so I dismantled the artwork from the frame (I shall have it reframed, just need to find the right frame). I asked for help in a facebook group, if anyone could decode the signature for me. Fantastic, it didn't take long and I had a name. Voitto Vikainen, a finnish artist. I now know fairly much abut his work and also have seen more artwork. I like his style. And I am mighty pleased, have a look:

   And for those of you who like to read my columns, here is my latest.

Wishing you all a wonderful start for july! Enjoy and love!

Sunday, 25 June 2017

A certain someone is on holiday

It has been good to have some time off.

I spent a day in Helsinki. First I met my friend Iida, we had coffee at the marketplace. A very finnish tradition, there are these café-tents and you sit either outdoors or inside the tent. It was raining, so we sat indoors.

Then I headed to meet my friend Malin, whom I spent the rest of the day with. We first attended a thank you -party, we had vegan waffles and sat in the backyard among urban farming boxes. We then headed towards the sea, we wanted to check out a design market and bumped into old friends. It was good to stroll along, talk and look at buildings and talk some more. Stop and wonder over how funny we people are, and then have a looooooong coffe, meeting even more friends and then having dinner and eventually catch the last bus home. I sat on the bus, my heart filled with gratitude. It is vital to have friends you can hang out with. The hanging out bit is so important, to not have a busy schedule.
I am still processing some of the things we talked about, it is all about reflections, trust and love.

I have been craving for a good read. Most books I've read lately have been ok-ish, nothing that makes my heart flicker. So then I got my hands on Stoner (by John Williams) and boy was I sold! I could not let go. I read it all in once. The last few hours when I knew it was coming to an end, I was aching more and more. And the last ten minutes I cried. I had to lay the book beside me at times, and cry. And then continue. I warmly recommend.

Midsummer has now passed. I baked Brita cake, I always do. It is something my mother did at midsummer. Very appreciated!
In the early evening I made toast Skagen and we enjoyed sparkling wine. We cykled down to the shore to have a few beers and dance. We met friends and after a few hours we felt it was time to head home.

 Yesterday I again cykled down to the shore to listen to some latino-rhytms at restaurang Saltbodan. After the first set my mister arrived and we had dinner at the restaurant. I had a lovely bouillabaisse and a glass of dry white wine. For desert we had huge pieces of chocolate cake. We cycled home stuffed and happy.

Holiday bliss dear friends! Take care! Mucho looooove to all!

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Oh love!

We attended a wedding in Sweden on saturday. L's dear daughter got married and what joy it was to attend a reception of love. My darling held a very touching speech for his daughter and son-in-law. He also turned to his first wife, the mother of the bride, the mother of his both children, as to share with her the fact they have two wonderful children they can be proud of and their lovely spouses that they both love so much. We were all in tears! It was so touching and so beautiful.
The wedding was just wonderful. I was so happy when the bride told me she had "made-a-Nina": she wore very colourful shoes, swedish-has-beens. My summer trademark;)

We just made a quick visit to Sweden for the wedding, on sunday evening we were back home again.

A few weeks ago I found some scrap wood, I just looked at the painted wood and had an idea. So I suggested to my darling that I make a streetsign for the summercafé/ kiosque, so that people find it, even though the citymaps end just where the sign now is situated. So many people tell us that it took them a while to realize that there is actually a lovely sandbeach and café beyond this point, because the citymaps do not include the beach area.  So yesterday I painted the sign and L helped me hammer the pieces together. Voilá! Recycling at its best!

The kiosque is now officially open for this season. It has rained both yesterday and today, still, we had guests both days.

Let's hope for some warmer days, and a little more sun. I was happy when I noticed a bird taking a little evening bath in the birdbath in my garden.
Take care dear friends. Lots of love.

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Oh beauty!

My neighbour's daughter, talented Senni has painted a flowergarland to crown the blue front door.
I am so excited, I just had to share it as soon as possible. Good things must be shared!

Kiitos maailman ihanin Senni!
Here is an article about Senni (in finnish).


During the end of last week I attended a few graduation parties. Had plenty of delicious food and drink! Congratulation to all graduates!

On saturday I painted my doorstep to the kitchen. I painted it green. I looked up at the door, it is a project of it's own, looking quite awful. I bought these doors over 3 yrs ago, as I had really awful chipboard doors! Thye just don't suit an old house. These doors are from a 30 's house that was dismantled in a nearby village. I thought I'll scrape the paint of the kitchen door one day. That day was saturday, when I started the project:

It was quite hard work, there are two layers of paint, the one layer is very very hard paint.

The next day I continued and in the evening it was ready. My hands and arms are really stiff now. It is difficult to find a good position. So I better not do any work that needs a strong hold. I need to rest my hands. I do love the outcome:

Have a lovely week dear friends! Enjoy the season, enjoy everyday life!
Love as usual!