Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Oh! Ah! Oh!

I have planned to build more storage, well, with the confidence from building the corner cabinet in the kitchen. So now I purchased the door. It's an antique window. The lace I bought about a year ago, for this purpose, to find the perfect window to use as a door for storage...


I bought it at Strömfors, from a fantastic store called Roseborg, for antique windows, doors, floor boards...They even stock paint and other useful bits and pieces for old houses. And the location, well, it's worth a visit just for the location.

Monday, 21 September 2015

Kätilö, Ingrid Bergman, Hanna B.

Last week we saw a finnish film called Kätilö. A warflm. Gooooood I am soooooo tired of finnish films about the war. But, this was different. First of all, even though there were war sequences, they were short and the film wasn't based on them. And secondly, the story was told from a different perspective. And also, little did I know about the war in Lapland. We, L and me, both thought it was worth seeing.
We also saw the film about Ingrid Bergman. I was slightly bored and a bit dissapointed as it was mainly a lovesong for her. Yes, she was wonderful, but what she did in her life, those were not easy matters back then. She chose to follow her heart. She divorced her first husband and left her daughter, when she fell in love with Mr. Rosselini and moved to Italy and had a new family. She was hated in the american media for what she did. It cannot have been easy to leave your own child. Then she left Mr. Rosselini and her children in Italy and moved to live in Paris with her third husband, Lars. All her children spoke of her in almost a glorifying way, and it was repeated several times how they adored their mother. Even though at times her eldest daughter Pia, said things like "Why didn't she want to live with us?" and she even wrote about these matters in her letters, but the documentary never grasped these issues, they were merely mentioned. But also, we learned that Mr. Rosselini threatened her with killing himself if she took a filmjob in america. It cannot have been easy to live with a person who controlled her in that way. It was also just merely mentioned. I am not interested in seeing only the smiling faces of pretty people, I want to see the hurting, the hard work, the hidden bits.

Then I saw a dance perfomance at the National theatre, my colleague Hanna Brotherus and her soloperfomance Hanna B. There was bread and red shoes. And words. And happened to be at the same performance as my dear friend Kristjana, she comes from a country were they speak a language I adooooore. Icelandic. I saw a theatre perfomance years ago, an icelandic group, called Vesturport perfomed Romeo and Juliet. It was sold out in London (I worked there at the time) and then the following summer it came for the Tampere theatre festival and I managed to get tickets for it. Oh my. I wanted to lick all the actors mouths as what they spoke, how they spoke, when they switched to english, then back to icelandic, oooooh, it was soooooo wonderful! Here is a link to see pictures and some videos. If you don't know what I mean, listen to Björk.

I think this is soooo lovely. Drama-helmi. Ihana.

 It is raining and feels like after I blinked, the seasons changed. It is autumn now.

The weekend

Ah bless. So many lovely people I've spent my weekend with.
On saturday there was an event for all the house-people who took part in the open house event, Lovisa Historiska Hus, in the end of august. We don't have time to visit each others houses during the event, so it's a nice chance to meet up, dine and exchange thoughts.
This year we travelled to Strömfors bruk (Stromfors iron mill). 
 What a lovely evening it was! 

On sunday we enjoyed a crawfish-party! We had hats, we sang and enjoyed snaps (I hardly ever do!!!) and wonderful crawfish. Two very pleased and happy persons cykled home in the mild september evening. Life is good!

Friday, 18 September 2015

Whom should I thank?

Yesterday when I came home, a lovely bouquet of flowers were placed on my stairs. But there was no note nor a card. I do not know whom I shall thank.
So I thank the universe until I find whoever is guilty. Love!

Have a wonderful weekend dear friends!

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Lucky lucky me!

I've said it before, I'll say it again. I am born under lucky stars!
I seldom take part in competitions. Now I did, as the prices were so wonderful and something I have wanted! Lovely Anna Malmberg at Norhern delight-blog had a competiton and you could win wallpaper from Mr Perswall. I won third price!!!! Can you believe how lucky and happy I am!!!!

Tusen tack finaste Anna och Mr Perswall!

  A detail of the wonderful wallpaper I won.

Friday, 11 September 2015

Wishing you all a happy weekend!

Thursday, 10 September 2015

...now it's almost ready!

A little hook for the lock on the door is missing, but it's on the way!

But now the rest is ready and things are moving in.

And as L said, in a week we will have forgotten the times when there was not a corner cabinet. One gets used to the changes so quickly!

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Almost ready!

My cabinet is almost ready, just need paint. I am going to paint it the same colour as the walls. I am not going to paint the door, I scraped it off paint during the weekend. Many of you might go, well daaah, of course you're not going to paint the door as it is perfect the way it is! But a few of my fb-friends were worried last night, hih!

Here is a picture of the door pre-scraping.

And now, dear friends, hold on to your hats, here is the cabinet pre-paint:

And look inside!

I am sooooo proud and sooooo happy! It turned out just the way I had pictured it in my mind and wished for. JEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

Monday, 7 September 2015

Spoiled rotten?

YES I AM!!!!!

Look what my darling surprised me with!
A RED toolbox. It´s perfect!!!! I even dreamed about a similar one, a few nights before. Odd isn't it?

Lucky, lucky me!
Tack älskade!

Saturday, 5 September 2015

How to help

My friends have asked me to write this post, as to give ideas and useful tips on how to help with the refugee crisis.

I am by no means an expert, I have been actively involved since my childhood. My parents have been active in the matter since the early 70's. We have had refugees staying with us, sometimes illegally. I can write about it now as these people are now safe and it is many years ago.
My family has been a "host" family for refugees and immigrants for many years, now there are short-courses available, if you are interested. What you do is, you introduce a newcomer to the "system", the culture and to get started, become a friend, someone they can rely on for advice and help. And do ordinary things, go to the grocery store, the library, cook, dine, go for walks, pick berries, lend your sowing machine,  play football, invite along when you do things with your friends. And if you choose, you can also help with bureaucratic nonsense. A jungle not easy to get through!

It is vital to choose a way to help that suits you. I am socially gifted, so I have chosen to use that skill. I have hosted numerous finnish-language "clubs" for immigrants, to be able to communicate is vital. I have also hosted kniting groups for immigrants.  And since early childhood, regularly given of the things I can spare. And helped others find a way to help. As a child I felt happy when every year, me and my brother, were asked to choose from our toys, something to give to a child who has very little or nothing at all. To clean the toys and wrap them as gifts were also fun. I think that procedure has meant a lot for me, as I think one does not have to be rich to be able to help, you can share what you have.

If you choose to help financially, here are a few links in Finland that my finnish friends can use:
Katastrofirahaston lahjoitusnumerot, puhelinsoitto:
0600 12220 (20,28 € /puh. + pvm/mpm)
0600 12210 (10,01 e + pvm/mpm)
Katastrofirahaston lahjoitusnumero, tekstiviesti:
Lähetä tekstiviesti SPR numeroon 16499 (15 € / tekstiviesti)


Other similar help-organizations can be found globally.

If you want to help in other ways, use facebook. Be bold and ask. There are numerous fb-groups that are active near you. Don't feel let down if someone already has started a project you had in mind, remember, it is better to use energy and resources  together and no point in doing it all by yourself. So let down your pride, this is not a project to get involved in to boost your ego or to make others see what a helpful kind soul you are. Most people want to help out, so don't seek your halo here. I write this, as there are people who feel they never get thanked enough for their input and work. The thanks comes in other forms, believe me.

Try think about the people who come. There are teenagers, interested in similar things as teenagers are globally. We are more alike than different!

And, you can always become a voluntary worker, there is always something or someone who needs your help. The best way is to contact a local centre for refugees, and just ask "how can I help?". There is urgent need of help in sorting clothing and toys. But please do not contact the centres for information you can find elsewhere. All the workers at the centres are BUSY with their work trying to find and organize shelter.
This is a good link, though it needs to be updated (!), for information (in finnish):

It is good to remember, if you would like to organize an activity, nothing can be organized at a centre for refugees, as there simply isn't space for it. So any activity should be organized in other premises. Ask your local church, local sportsclub...

In Helsinki and many other cities in Finland you can get involved in for ex. teaching women to ride a bicykle. It makes life so much easier. Here is a link to how and where:

It is also good to intervene when bullshit or rumours are spread, trolls and racists like to spread negative rumours about refugees, and they spread them as facts. And it is also good to know what to say when people start wabbling on about how we first should take care of our own. Or how we should help people in their own countries. Send them or hand them the number to sms to the red cross, that should shut them up. And intervene when people make jokes about immigrants, when people make racist remarks. INTERVENE!!!!

But, the most important way to help is to be a good friend, say hello and make someone feel welcome.

Let's do this together. And remember, on the 12 of September, Europe says welcome: European day of action for refugees. More information on how to get involved check Facebook. If you want to get involved in Finland, please get in touch with me per e-mail.

Another project

I have a sort of "dead-corner" in my kitchen and have planned to build a corner cabinet. I even have a vintage door for it ready, waiting.
During the week I drew the cabinet and on thursday, me and L carried home the timber needed for it, I have some leftover timber that I can use, so I didn't have to buy all.
We started building the frame on thursday and continued on friday.

It's drawn according to the door and I also had to take into consideration that nearby is my heating system, so I could not make the cabinet any bigger, it might have blocked parts of the circulation route...and the heating system cannot be moved.

Work shall continue today. 

It is so much fun to work together with L. It is also so much easier, to be able to talk through the idea, to reflect over difficult parts. The corner bits and the front bit of the shelves were tricky, I am happy I managed to solve them. L says my thinking is logic, so obviously when you have such support you feel confident. 
I know I can draw and build things, it is just not every day that I do. But now I feel we could start a corner-cabinet company, L & me.

On another note, HERE is a lovely blog with absolutely stunning images and the kindest words of praise for my home, Lilla Ljuva. Kiitos ihana kauniista sanoistasi, pistän talteen sydämeen, kiitos kun vierailit ja tervetuloa toiste!

Friday, 4 September 2015

Wallpaper workshop

With the kind permission of my students I have the honour to present this years wallpaper-workshop. I have previously been asked to make a post about the process, well, here is a short version of the process. I am very excited about printing, and I seem to have managed to get all my students feel as excited, the atmosphere is wonderful!

Some participants have started to print on the final paper, when some are still doing their test-printing.

We start off with the design. Everyone draws or paints a small version of their design on paper. Then it is time to enlarge the design and transfer each part to a stamp.
First we make a test-print, sometimes we make two, depending on the need. The reason for the test-print is that when transfering a design onto a larger surface, the design might need altering.

Here is a variety of designs. Wonderful creative students. I am sooooo proud. I could easily use any of these handprinted wallpapers in my own home.

Here is a testprint of a watermelon. She uses three stamps. And that is three stages. I simply love this!!!!

Following is another testprint, cherries s'il vous plait! .

 Making of the stamps. Cannot wait to see this design in print.

Another testprint, flowers.

And here is final printing going on.

I am so proud of all my students. They are all so motivated, inspiring, creative and talented! Tack finisar!

PLEASE respect copyrights to the designs. Obviously, all things designed can be used as inspiration, but please do not copy.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Work in progress

Found lots of feathers on the way to work. So I picked them and washed them, they were all wet (it's raining) and covered in soil. Now they dry. I shall use them in some project. Or just place them above my front door.
 ...to be continued.

Monday, 31 August 2015


View from my veranda to the sundeck. I am so happy about my veranda, I enjoy breakfast there and tonight I sat drinking tea, listened to LP's and even danced a little with my darling.

 Slowly, slowly a home is taking shape...



After a weekend filled with the sweetest and kindest guests, almost a thousand visitors came to see my house during the weekend! The walls still echo of kind words, so many people said thank you for letting us visit. The most photographed feature (after my bathroom door!) was a row of coffecups hanging from my waterpipes in the kitchen. The fact the last cup is just a piece of a cup, made people smile and I was almost declared a genius for the idea, hilarious! I made the hooks of wire.

So here it is, the most photographed feature at #LillaLjuva.

Saturday, 29 August 2015

Oh my!

My house is part of the historic houses -event this weekend in Lovisa, called Loviisan wanhat talot/ Lovisa historiska hus.

I had so many wonderful souls visiting, one guests asked, can this house be for real? So sweet and kind, thank you all!

Here are pictures taken by one guest, Katja Pora.

 My veranda.
 My bathroom door.
My bathroom.

Tomorrow the event continues. Welcome to Lilla Ljuva!

Wednesday, 26 August 2015


Yesterday me and L travelled to Helsinki. We started off with dinner at my absolute favorite thai-restaurant called Lemon grass. Delicious food!

Then  we walked down to the shore, to the Huvila-tent and enjoyed a wonderful evening of music and dance. The evening started off with a finnish artist called Aurora, she has had a few hits, likeable yes, but her songs had very little variety unfortunately. Here is one of her hits called Se soi, enjoy!

And then Neuza hit the stage, what a charming and charismatic performer. And the band! We danced and we were happy! Here is wonderful Djar fago, enjoy! The evening was warm, 20 degrees, one of those august nights that we will carry in our hearts.

This performance was part of the ongoing Helsinki festivals. For finnish readers, here is a review.

The picture above is of sweet Neuza signing autographs after the performance, we were given permission to photograph her.

Monday, 24 August 2015

French toast on rooftops

I travelled to Helsinki and attended a first step in a tantra course. Please hold your horses, tantra is not only about erotic, it is so much more. It is also erotic, but mainly it's about love and connecting energies. I have practised tantra for years, on and off. Like I do yoga, I sometimes do tantric yoga. Tantric exerciseas are so good for the body and it is meditative and fun. I haven't previously written about my tantric intrests (I did my first course back in the 90´s in Stockholm), mainly because I have noticed how poeple react to when I talk about tantra and I usually feel a need to explain. I get a lot of jokes about it too. I can take it. But to write about this in a forum where people who do not know me read this and might get an idea that perhaps doesn't correlate with reality. Oh my. But I cannot control what other people might think. And does it matter? People tend not to be intersted and I am by no means an exception, that somehow somewhere people would lie awake in their beds at night and think and wonder about what sort of tantric exercises I practise...

After the course I met up with my dearest M. Dinner was ready when I arrived. We walked up to the attic, from there we climbed onto the roof and enjoyed a lovely dinner overlooking the rooftops in wonderful evening sun. Delicious salad, beetroot soup, bread with hummus, ginger beer and french toast with ice-cream and jam.

What a  wonderful sunday and I was so happy when I returned home late with the bus, and a certain darling L came to meet me, lucky lucky me. So very spoiled human beeing dancing on this planet. Life!

The picture above is from the rooftop.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Such a waste of resources

My house is part of an open house event organized in the little town I live in. I will not mention the name of the event, so to not spill any of this rather otiose matter upon this charming and lovely event. It is widely popular and I had almost thousand guests last year when I was involved for the first time. All of the visitors to my house showed great respect and they were all friendly, kind and warm.

Except for one person.

The ex-wife. She informed me by sms that she would like to visit my home. Asked if it was ok. At the time I tried to be kind towards her, even though she had made my life rather difficult and ugly by all sorts of rules regarding where I was allowed to be, walk and whom I was allowed to talk to. Seriously. We agreed upon so many absurd demands from her. I thought at the time that part of her behaviour did smell a lot like stalking, but I was too exhausted to do anything about it. So I responded to her sms, that I didn't think it was wise of her to visit my house and that this was not the platform for a meeting nor would I be able to speak to her. She instisted she wanted to come and threatend by writing she would come, regardless of what I said, as she had a right to enter any of the open houses as she had a ticket.

I was too tired to argue the matter with her. And did not know as a first timer, that that is utter bullshit. She has absolutely no right to enter my house without my consent. As the owner of the house, I get to choose who enters.

So, she did arrive and she made such an awful dramatic show of it all, she even hugged me and soon  wrote about it in her blog, as to show and tell everyone what a generous person she is, she wrote it herself in her blog, "jag är en storsint människa". That she has hugged me. Makes me sick when I even think about that awful day. That is not generous. That is forcing others to your will. It is utter abuse.

Due to her behaviour since, we do not trust that she will not play this ugly stunt on me again. Even though I have written to her and told her that she is not welcome to my home during this open house event. I have gone through what happened last year, shown her messages and sms regarding this matter to the  organizers and they thought it wiser to provide my house with a guard, with the right to stop her from entering the premises.

But, I think it is such a bloody waste of resources. The guards should be in places where there is real need. I do need a guard as I will never again let this person into my home and she cannot be trusted. She has lured her way into my home once, and we need to make sure it will NEVER happen again.

She has regularly since their separation and divorce reported on her blog and facebook-page, where we have been seen, what we do etc. Due to the fact that I appear regularly on her blog, I have been the target for internet-trolls and hatemail. She carries no responsability for this, she only states her right to write about her feelings. And plays the innocent victim.
I have asked her (several times) not to write about me, that I do not wish to appear on her blog, so she no longer uses my name, she refers to me as her ex-husband's new love (and by this nobody guesses who she refers to, where is her logic????).

The one thing I am thankful for, is that the renovation of my home was far from ready last year, so her presence has not left any vivid memory, rooted in any room. And all the other almost thousand friendly and generous persons who payed a visit, they left kind and suportive words, that I never wanted to wash away nor wish to fade away.

This year, my home is almost ready. I shall welcome every visitor with open arms. And this year I will not be abused nor forced to hug people I have no respect for.

I feel priviledged to be part of this lovey event, even though some of the resources, in my opinion, are beeing wasted due to this matter. I'm glad I have finally managed to create boundaries against internetbullies. It is about time!

The chair above, is a picture taken by me, the almost identical image can be found on her blog last year and the facade to my house. I shall not link to her blog, as she also uses statistics as a measure for why she has a right to write about me. Her blog has been rated a hateblog due to her washing her dirty laundry in public and several rasist posts. One does sometime wonder why, why write lies and why constantly balance on the border of what is politically correct, what is ethicly right, not to mention, morally? Why does one get kicks from beeing provocative. The reason lies in statistics. Provocative texts attracts readers. Attentionseekers christmaspresent.

 A divorce is never an easy matter, but it surely doesn't become easier when you go public about assumptions and utter lies.

This shall be the last post about this matter to ever appear on my  blog. She was a thorn in my side, but due to creating these and other boundaries alike, the thorn is finally gone!

Edit 21.8.2015. The ex-wife has only once appeared on my blog, I have written about her once.  Here. It is called Black cloud.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015


My veranda is slowly taking shape.
Now the floor has been vaxed, I placed my wooden sofa on the veranda. For a few years I have planned and dreamed of a wooden lid for it. Easier to sit in the sofa and perfect storage. So now my dream has come true! Last night, me and L, built the lid. I covered it with a vintage fabric and voilá, a perfect palce to sit and enjoy a cup of tea, read a book...
This morning I enjoyed my breakfast here, as it was a little bit chilly to have breakfast on the terass.
Happy happy joy joy!

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Bring it on!

I, personally, believe love is everywhere. You just need to open up your heart and dare to be yourself, dare to be vulnerable. But you also need to give. Unconditionally. If you are greedy, or only want acceptance, then you are not open for love. Then you are open for other things, often criticism and that doesn´t heal a soul.

I have always been a very lucky soul, to have been a target for much love and I have been given so much love in life. I do love, too much at times, but rather so than not loving at all.

So. this sign in my kitchen is in my opinion a perfect portion of a reminder to open up for love with all it's beauty, as well as cocky, let love come, I'm ready to take on the challenge of love -sort of way. Because you need to work on all relationships, nothing and nobody should be taken for granted.
Låt kärleken komma is the last words in a favorite song by Eva Dahlgren, Innan kärleken kom. Here sung by another darling, Helen Sjöholm.

So love, love and love!

Tuesday, 11 August 2015


After a weeks holiday in Parga, Greece and a well needed pause from social media, I am back home and started work today! I always find it healthy to step away from social media. I find it healthy to check my own social media behaviour, my own addiction to it. Happy I am far from addicted, I even consider to step away more often and for longer periods.
We, me and L, had a wonderful time together.
Parga has a wonderful landscape, surrounded by mountains. Beautiful olive plantation up in the hills, we did not hike very far this time, but far enough to see the variety of the landscape. We saw lemontrees giving fruit, we saw people sitting in their chairs outside their houses. Small houses and small gardens, small narrow streets.
The weather treated us well. We were overwhelmed by the genuine friendly people we met, the tastes and the sounds, the beautiful turqoise water, the crickets, the velvet nights, the stars, the lights, the narrow roads. By serenity.

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Hello august!

So much good stuff happening in life at the moment.
Wonderful people and so much love and love and even more love.
Today we, me and L, organized a small venue to thank all our guests this summer at the kiosk, so many people turned up and we spent the whole day outdoors in the sun, enjoying coffee and buns and ice-cream and how lucky we are to be surrounded with all this kindness and warmth.
We later had the most wonderful evening with dear friends and relatives, delicious food and wine and when cykling home we just smiled and sighed, life is so good!

Take care! Love to you all!

Above are roses I received from J. Tack finaste!
And look, my windowsill that I purchaised for 2 euros (Seriously! And it was the exact length as my window) at the fleamarket is now in place on the veranda. I cannot wait to fill the window with geraniums and lacecurtains...sit in my wooden sofa, listen to LP's and drinking tea with honey (L brought the most wonderful green tea as a gift when he travelled to Tallinn a few weeks ago, he even brought the most wonderful ginger-jam, and we have enjoyed it on Digestive cookies), looking out at the soft august nights with lit candles. Oh yes, bring it on, we are ready!

Sunday, 26 July 2015


My vintage movieposter has landed on the wall in my porch.

The movie is Gaslight.
And here is the trailer for the movie. I must see this!

Friday, 24 July 2015

An afternoon with Elvis

This afternoon I cykled to my friend E.

Their Volkswagen Beetle was parked in the driveway. Two vintage bikes leaned onto the garage wall. A line of washed sheets danced in the wind.
In the kitchen E and her four year old daughter were doing the dishes.  I sat on the floor and the little one asked me all sorts of lovely questions. Will you stay for the night? Well that is a nice idea, but I had not planned to stay so long this time. Why are you wearing a flowerdress? This morning when I chose what to wear, I spotted this dress and I haven't worn it in a very long time, so I decided to wear it today, and if I feel it isn't what I prefer to wear, then I can give it to charity and maybe somebody else will have more use of it than me. Why are you wearing red nailpolish? I do have a few other colours too, but I seem to prefer the red ones. My mummy also has red. And she has black too. Why do you wear pins in your hair? I am trying to let my fringe grow out. And to prevent myself from looking like a poor imitation of Elvis Presley, I use pins. Who is El..Pr...? He was a singer. He sang lovely songs and shook his hip and made people go crazy!
It started to rain outside. E's husband carried the sheets indoors and the scent of fresh laundry spread in the rooms. We listened to Elvis and tried to imagine him shaking his hip. We didn't go all crazy. We drank many cups of espresso, ate biscottinis and I sat with the little one in my lap and felt life is sooooo gooood. Friends.

I cykled home with a vintage bottle of Sorbus, a cheap wine made of rowanberries. It is no longer in production due to poor sales. E and her husband found lots of these vintage bottles when they renovated their garage. And now one of them is in my home. I love the etiquette.

And here is Elvis singing.

Very happy to read about a book-collaboration of father and daughter Juslin. Our dear, dear friends Beni and Emma. Read the article (in swedish) here.

Sunday, 19 July 2015

During the past two days...

...I have managed to work on my porch (I am covering the walls that only have isolation, but no solid wall), have a gig at a double birthdayparty (30 + 60), varnish the twigs in the ceiling, make a birthday-present for a two-year old (origamibirds on a twig), deliver the pressy, stand in for my darling L at the kiosk so he could attend the birthdayparty, continue work on the porch and paint the ceiling. I think I'm entitled a relaxed sunday evening with my darling! Tea and candles and invite Joshua James to perform...I was lucky to see not only one, but two performances when they first came to perform in Helsinki, some years ago.

Wishing you a relaxed sunday!

Above are some more signs I made.

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Proudly present

I am happy when my friends and colleagues do well and get recognition for their work. So now I am proud to introduce my friend Lorraine Spiteri, we participated and worked in the same EU-project some years ago, and became friends.

Here is her portraits that are part of a series of portraits of women in Malta.

Above is a detail in my bedroom.The round box is so beautiful, it has lovely embroidery on the inside. I have no clue what it might have been used for. Storage of some sort, but what?

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Dogs are your bestestest friend

I have this charming row of dogs in my kitchen. Makes me happy happy joy joy everytime I see them. Made by my dear friend Kaisa Korpela, a wonderful potter and artist living in Lovisa.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Mock orange and luck

Oh my, yesterday I spotted a mock orange (fin. Jasmike, sve. Schersmin) in my garden. It is huge, like a tree. In full bloom. It was slightly hidden behind the lilacs, that are dominant in my garden.
But there it was. So I picked a few branches and the wonderful scent spread in my kitchen. Lucky me!

Later in the evening I received a wonderful bouquet of red roses from my darling, so now my kitchen is full of flowers. Once again, lucky lucky me! Extremely spoiled human waving and wishing you a wonderful tuesday!

As I probably mentioned above, I happen to be a very lucky human, I have three young persons helping me out in my garden. Due to a car-accident soon 12yrs ago, I have a shoulder injury that at times lets me know of its existence. Especially if I dig with a spade, so unfortunately I will never fit as a gravedigger! In front of my house, there's a huge flowerbed, with Mezereum, which is a highly poisonous plant, so I want it gone from my garden. I also want to lower the flower bed.
These three kind souls are part of a workshop aimed at younger persons, that haven't found their path so to speak, and need a little help in finding what it might be they want to work with, or study in life, or even in the near future. So they work on various projects together in small groups, and sometimes individually. Today they are helping me. And I am very grateful.

Monday, 13 July 2015

Give me a sign!

For my darling on his birthday, this is what I made. A sign of an old spoon. To stand in a pot of flowers. And a cake, the same delicious cake as we had for midsummer. Everyone enjoyed it, it is heavenly!
Grattis på födelsedagen kärleken!