Sunday, 12 July 2009


Prepared breakfast this morning. Usually we eat müsli with milk during the week. But in the weekends it´s nice to prepare breakfast with fruits, cheeses, fresh bread, latte...
I had a colleague once whos children always begged and moaned to have something they called "Big breakfast". For the kids it was more about beeing together than the actual breakfast, or what was served. I can recall breakfasts from my childhood too. My parents were both fairly busy in their professions, therefor I rememeber mornings (they must have been sundays) when I´ve crawled into their bed, lied there watching the sky through their window, talking daydreaming stretching myself as looooong as one can become in a large bed...and "Big breakfasts" with all my dear ones gathered.

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sinnlighet said...

ja ja ja ja ja ja ja ja ja JAG tackar tackar & tackar, jag ÄLSKAR det som döljer sig bakom länken Du gav mig!!

Du goa människa!

agneta - din vän