Monday, 31 August 2009

Yet another mannequin

This beauty has now found itself a new home. She was in a dreadful condition when I found her, but once I had removed the mouldy fabric I found she was covered with vintage newspaper. I only mended small bits here and there, and decided to leave her as she is perfect this way.
These are quite rare to find nowadays.

Sunday, 30 August 2009

Tiny hand

Found this old broken clip in my drawers today. Placed a tiny lupin to decorate. Funny odd little thing.
Cleaned the house and washed the laundry, hang the bedlinen to dry outside . It is luxury to climb between fresh bedlinen. I shall do it now!

Saturday, 29 August 2009


We have been renovating and changing interior at the café. We are creating a larger space for the shop.
The café looks wonderful and we´ve had a few very very hectic busy days since we opened on thursday.
Now I will have a few days off and I will now start my weekend by having a shower, then put on some relaxing music, enjoy a delicious meal (someones husband is cooking!!!) and have a glass or two of red wine, lit candles and just enjoy.

This stencil I bought from my namesake, sweet and lovely Nina at Vintage by Nina.

Monday, 24 August 2009

New week

Monday, not starting work until 11am. We´re sitting in a meeting all day, planning the autumn, new ideas are about to go into action. So a good day ahead at work, and it hasn´t even started yet!

Vintage japanese postcard placed in a vintage rule, and my little japanese wire-flower.

Sunday, 23 August 2009


I woke up sometime during the night, and felt a longing for my cat, Hanna. She passed away soon 20yrs ago. But I still miss her! She was a black & white cat, very cuddly and an expert on how to relax and enjoy life. Every morning she used to jump into my bed, lie on top of me and stretch herself as long as she possibly could and placed her nose against my neck. That is how I used to wake up in the mornings, with a tender moment with Hanna. I drew long lines along her stretched body and she tickled me with her breathing.
I snug up to my warm husband and eventually fell asleep again. My dear husband is allergic.

Rosepetals. They have dried but decided to let them be for a while as the scent is still strong.

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Roses and candles

I picked roses and also fresh rose-petals from the ground, and placed them in cups and plates, they give a fantastic scent and they are beautiful to look at.
I lit candles and enjoyed a relaxing friday. And slept a long sleep and when I woke up I was met by a hevanely scent, the rosebuds are in bloom.
Now I´m eager to sing sing sing! So many friends are coming, the weather is just perfect for a performance in the park in the afternoon.
I need to get myself ready now.

Wishing you a pleasant weekend.

Friday, 21 August 2009

The week has been hectic!

I´m so much looking forward to the weekend ahead, as we´ve had a busy and hectic week.
I have two performances with my song-group this weekend, and that is fun. We haven´t sung all summer and I cannot wait to get up on that stage tomorrow.
Small french image-pieuses that I have tinted myself.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Happy Birthday and Volatile

Happy Birthday to my husband.
This is a picture of brasilian artist Cildo Mereiles work Volatile. I saw or rather experienced it last winter at the Tate modern in London.
Soon we´re heading for dinner. Nice.

Monday, 17 August 2009

Horrible bathroom

We have a horrible bathroom. The colours are just not right (a faded okra toilet seat and basin and bath, the walltiles are faded beige, the ceiling is a wooden panel! and the floor is brown tiles!) and it is not at all practical. But, we´ve decided not to renovate until the plumbing-renovation for the complete building has been done. As we both believe it to be a vaste to renovate and then tear it (as they usually do combined with the plumbing-renovations). To rescure the bathroom, or make it even a little bit more appealing, I´ve added lots more colour to try compensate the awful colours. Here is our bathing beauty wall. The mannequin I found among the garbage, she was in fearly bad condition, her eyelids without colour, her head also without covering.
So I tinted her eye make-up with a little help from my nailpolish collection and thought a vintage bathing cap would do the trick. And a flower by her ear and I think she is charming.

Friday, 14 August 2009

Destruction Song, K. Kvarnström & Co

The Helsinki Festival started yesterday. Tonight I saw a dance performance called Destruction Song. Choreography by Kenneth Kvarnström. Dance Sofia Karlsson, Johanna Klint and Janne Marja-aho. I´m a huge fan of KKs work. I enjoyed the performance and in the end I almost started crying.

Now I need to work for a little while and then try get sleep, as I have an early morning tomorrow.

But before I sleep I will go back to the dance performance, and remember that absolutely beautiful pace near the ending...

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Divine delivery from japan

I read the Cafe Cartolina blog daily, I´m absolutely addicted. A while ago Fiona showed us two japanese websites with exquisite photographs, the styling of the image for each product is, well, it is a true pleasure to visit these specific websites. And the shopkeepers (they keep an antiqueshop in Kamakura, one of the old cities in Japan) must be the sweetest ever. I made an order for a wire-flower, and it arrived in the mail some days ago, but unfortunately I was unable to fetch it from the postoffice - until today! What a pleasure to open such parcels. They know that "it is" all in the details. The small divine details. And the flower, I´m in love.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009


A humid day. I`ve felt my thoughts or my brain, were having a siesta all day and I had difficulties consentrating. I kept loosing my words, forgot things, I wasn´t present. Had a lovely lunch, gazpacho soup and bread, green tea and a banana. I still felt I wasn´t present.

On my way home I stopped by an antique shop as I saw the owner from the window, he doesn´t usually work at the shop. He is a lovely charming man, and he told me he would show me how to work an old camera if I ever was interested. Well, I´ve wanted to take pictures with my old Kodak camera for ages. he was very happy to see me, it seemed, so I ended up drinking sparkling water together with a charming gentleman who tought me how to work an old camera.

Monday, 10 August 2009

Head gone poppy

I made lots and lots of poppies of small silk circles and black perles during the weekend at the relaxation-centre (in-laws) and attached them to a hairband. I´m very pleased.
Apart from making poppies I picked berries, picked berries and picked berries. Did I tell you I picked berries? The freezer is full!
I also enjoyed vanilla-icecream with lots of fresh raspberries and caramel-sauce. Aaaaaah! So delicious. So.
Also had plenty of time to love a 6month old puppy. I´m aching. I miss the little puppy.

Friday, 7 August 2009

Dancing the weekend away

Just a quick hello and goodbye, as I´m off to spend the weekend at my parents-in-law. Or as we call it, the relaxation centre;))

Wishing you all a very pleasant relaxing lovely and fun weekend.
See you monday!

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Deskjet lady by appointment

Thursday, day off. What have I done with my day? Slept very late, read the paper, had a late and long lunch. Made an offer for a lovely old chair at an auction I stumbled upon during my outing in town. I won the bid for it!!!! Will organise delivery for next week.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009


I love windows. These windows are from London, down the street where my friend lives.
My grandmother said ,that if you are ever in need of help, knock on the door to a house where they have flowers/ plants in the windows, they are usually good people.

Monday, 3 August 2009


Oh yes, that is me! At my aunts wedding, early 70´s. Look at the gloves;))
The boy standing next to me is related to my swedish relatives whom I seldom meet.
Everyone who has seen this picture says I look exactly then same, except that I´m bigger. And have darker hair;)) I have met people who have attended the same kindergarten as me - and they recognise me!!!! "Are you the girl who used to wear a moustache?" - is the most common question. My dad worked at the theatre and had a huuuuuuge collection of moustaches, some of the broken and used ones he gave to us kids to play with, so I often wore lipstick and a moustache as I thought it was a very chic combination. I only later heard that it was a big problem for some grown-ups, they were worried that I would turn out wierd odd queer gay if my parents did not emmediately interfear with this upsetting behaviour. My goodness! Apparently according to some people, girls do not wear moustches. I´m happy my parents did NOT interfear.

Helsinki is a fairly small city, so it is possible to bump into old kindergarten-colleagues...

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Circles of the day

Today I will cykle as my husband runs the marathon (42,195 km) as a test for the first time this year. Later in the month he´ll attend the official marathon. I will go along as support and "coach", carry extra shoes, plasters, water and some energy-drink (I don´t use that stuff myself) and energizing foods. But mainly as moral support. We chose a beautiful route, weather is good and I think it can be a fun day! It´s sunday!
The pic is a mixture of different circles I bumped into on a grey snowless winterday whilst walking in the park.

Saturday, 1 August 2009


I love the month of august. The velvet evenings, nights. Still, there´s also something melancholic in the air. Combined with anticipation. Children starting school. I can still recall my first day at school. I wore a white dress with small red flowers on. I had a red belt. A boy started crying as his mum left. And I found a best friend. Anna.