Saturday, 1 August 2009


I love the month of august. The velvet evenings, nights. Still, there´s also something melancholic in the air. Combined with anticipation. Children starting school. I can still recall my first day at school. I wore a white dress with small red flowers on. I had a red belt. A boy started crying as his mum left. And I found a best friend. Anna.


ks said...

i cried when my mom left too.
so did my best friend (a boy)--soon most of the class was crying. the teacher was a friend of my mom's so they thought it was funny. i never did.

Temps perdu said...

Crying children can never be funny. I still remeber how this boy cried as he held on to his mum as she was about to leave. And how he later lowered his head as he cried sitting at his desk. This happened soon 33yrs ago! I do not recall the boys name, nor his face.

sinnlighet said...

Hej min finaste lilla bloggvän, jag har inte glömt Dig, skall skriva ett mejl ikväll!

Kram Agneta

Ps. Ditt smörblomsinlägg är ljuvligt! Ds