Monday, 10 August 2009

Head gone poppy

I made lots and lots of poppies of small silk circles and black perles during the weekend at the relaxation-centre (in-laws) and attached them to a hairband. I´m very pleased.
Apart from making poppies I picked berries, picked berries and picked berries. Did I tell you I picked berries? The freezer is full!
I also enjoyed vanilla-icecream with lots of fresh raspberries and caramel-sauce. Aaaaaah! So delicious. So.
Also had plenty of time to love a 6month old puppy. I´m aching. I miss the little puppy.

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Kirsi said...

Kiitos kutsusta Kahvila Villipuutarhaan. Saatanpa siellä joskus poiketakin, olen nimittäin asunut lapsuudessani siinä talossa monta vuotta.