Monday, 17 August 2009

Horrible bathroom

We have a horrible bathroom. The colours are just not right (a faded okra toilet seat and basin and bath, the walltiles are faded beige, the ceiling is a wooden panel! and the floor is brown tiles!) and it is not at all practical. But, we´ve decided not to renovate until the plumbing-renovation for the complete building has been done. As we both believe it to be a vaste to renovate and then tear it (as they usually do combined with the plumbing-renovations). To rescure the bathroom, or make it even a little bit more appealing, I´ve added lots more colour to try compensate the awful colours. Here is our bathing beauty wall. The mannequin I found among the garbage, she was in fearly bad condition, her eyelids without colour, her head also without covering.
So I tinted her eye make-up with a little help from my nailpolish collection and thought a vintage bathing cap would do the trick. And a flower by her ear and I think she is charming.

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