Monday, 3 August 2009


Oh yes, that is me! At my aunts wedding, early 70´s. Look at the gloves;))
The boy standing next to me is related to my swedish relatives whom I seldom meet.
Everyone who has seen this picture says I look exactly then same, except that I´m bigger. And have darker hair;)) I have met people who have attended the same kindergarten as me - and they recognise me!!!! "Are you the girl who used to wear a moustache?" - is the most common question. My dad worked at the theatre and had a huuuuuuge collection of moustaches, some of the broken and used ones he gave to us kids to play with, so I often wore lipstick and a moustache as I thought it was a very chic combination. I only later heard that it was a big problem for some grown-ups, they were worried that I would turn out wierd odd queer gay if my parents did not emmediately interfear with this upsetting behaviour. My goodness! Apparently according to some people, girls do not wear moustches. I´m happy my parents did NOT interfear.

Helsinki is a fairly small city, so it is possible to bump into old kindergarten-colleagues...

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sinnlighet said...

Goaste lilla Nina, förlåt förlåt förlåt att jag inte har skrivit. Jag blir så arg på mig själv som inte har fått 'tummarna loss'. Bilden där Du är en liten liten tjej är HELT fantastisk. Du är som en liten gräddbakelse!

Tänker på Dig vännen!!