Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Salt + Pepper = true

Jeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I purchaised this lovely s&p set from a fellow aquarian, dear Rebekah at Little Byrd Vintage. They have arrived and I´m soooooo pleased.

The weather has changed. It was rather chilly to cykle this morning. And my hands were freezing. I should have worn gloves! It is no longer late summer, it is autumn. And according to the weather forecast, snow can be expected further north. I am defenately not ready for snow. I was wearing sandals last week.

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littlebyrd said...

Beautiful! I so much loved hearing about your cafe...thank you for taking the time to tell me!! It sounds exciting and wonderful - how great that you having good success with it :)
I know, here the weather just changed and the mornings are chilly...no more sandlas, onto boots and scarves and coats. I wouldn't be ready for snow either!! Have a great day.