Monday, 28 September 2009


It felt almost nostalgic to walk around in this beautiful city. Next time I will defenately stay overnight. And take my husband with me!
Stockholm has always been a very romantic city for me. When I lived there in the 90´s, I had dated my husband for a year and we were still fresh lovebirds. When he came to visit me in Stockholm, I met him in the old town and we used to have breakfast in the small cafés and then I headed for work. He came to meet me at the theatre in the evenings. I still have a bunch of letters that he wrote to me. Yes, in those days, there were no e-mails sent, no txts, no skype. We did allow ourselves a few longdistance-calls once in a while.
We had a lovely trip to Stockholm this weekend. We mainly stayed in Södermalm, but took a quick walkabout the old town aswell.

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littlebyrd said...

I loved getting to see this small glimpse of a beautiful city through your eyes!