Wednesday, 21 October 2009

As time goes by

Winter has defentaly arrived. It´s very dark, I need to use a light on my bike already at 6 pm.!
Now it´s time to use lots of candles and make it cosy and warm.

This shelf is in the bedroom. Above my pigeon.

Time just flies by, I´m very busy and I try to remember to pause and stop. This is a good way to stop and pause, ladies and gentlemen, I´ll give you "As time goes by". Enjoy!


littlebyrd said...

Don't you love little wooden shleves? Yours is perfect! I know, my husband and I were just talking about how dark it is now, all of a sudden it seems!

moa said...

hei nina -
javisst har mørket kommet!
..som du sier, man får kose seg inne med masse lys og noe godt i koppen!
Ønsker deg en herlig helg -