Saturday, 10 October 2009

Earlybird reminder: last day to participate in my competition!

Woke up at 4am! Well, it´s my day off so it will not matter, I can climb back under the covers soon and perhaps catch some more sleep. I only have a meeting in the afternoon (workrelated) and a birthday-/ farewellparty in the evening.

Remember to participate in the competition. All comments left by midnight are in!

Wishing you a very relaxed, fun and creative weekend. I´m going to continue my project to pimp my silk-skirt - I have a vision of how it will look and I also hope to wear it to the party tonight.

Early morning shadows above.


littlebyrd said...

Make sure to take a pciture of your shirt to shaw :)
Have fun tonight!!!

moa said...

vakkert bilde, nina!
ønsker deg en fin søndag -

klem fra moa