Wednesday, 14 October 2009

George Harrison and the light

Had a lovely anniversary, thank you all. Yesterday after work I attended my friends birthday. Such a lovely little party. I also think I made a few new friends. And I noticed today that I thought of them and also felt a sort of longing, sent out a few wishes of hope to meet soon again!

This morning the light was different, the autumn sun was out and I felt an urge to get out as soon as possible, so I cykled the longer route to work, it has nicer scenery. I stopped to pick some coloured leaves on the way and enjoyed the weather. And suddenly I noticed I was humming on a very old George Harrison tune called What is life, a song I absolutely loved as a child in the early 70´s. I also adored, no, I loved My sweet Lord. And the light combined with the tune I was humming on, flew me right back to my childhood and I remembered some really funny things that have made me smile many times during the day.


moa said...

hei nina -
fint og høre at dere hadde en fin bryllupsdagsfeiring..
Alltid spennende og møte nye mennesker, og få nye venner og bekjentskaper..Det er interessant med relasjoner mellom oss mennesker!
Nydelig lys - høsten er vakker!
..fortsatt fin kveld

littlebyrd said...

I enjoyed reading about your day and imagining it :) I love those songs too - the beatles, lennon, harrison - all of it.