Tuesday, 6 October 2009


After work I went to the gym. Then cykled home and had a shower, chatted on the phone with my brother for a while (I seldom speak on the phone, so it is worth mentioning), had a lovely dinner, read a few e-mails (did not ven reply to them all!). And now it´s night. Where, oh where did the time go? I cannot understand how all this could have taken up all evening? I haven´t done anything yet!!!!

This is somehow lovely. I really enjoy Scarlett´s voice.


moa said...

hej nina -
å,så glad jeg blir for dine herlige & positiva hälsningar..
you made my day!
og så kul at du vil lage et rosa innlegg...
herlig foto av natten & superfin sang - love it!
klem fra moa

Duften av erteblomster said...

tusen takk for varme og gode ord fra deg, det gjorde meg glad :)

wow...jeg visste ikke at hun kunne synge, dette var jo skitbra! gud så fin hun er med mørkt hår :)


littlebyrd said...

I know what you mean - how and why does the time go by so fast? Yours was filled with all good things though :)