Monday, 26 October 2009

Rainy mondays

My friend Hanna came to visit today, we chatted away for a few hrs until I had to rush off to rehersals. How time flew, we seldom meet as she lives 4hrs from Helsinki, but when we meet there´s just sooooo much to talk about. And I love to look at her beautiful face, her tender kind face. I love her sense of humour and her laughter and her voice.
And how I enjoyed singing today, I really love love love to sing! We´re rehersing a few new songs as we have a few performances coming up next month.

Whilst cykling home in the rain I was humming on a new tune, the weather was mild even though it rained. I didn´t mind at all, as I felt so content. I would say it has been a very good day today.

Ex voto heart above. I find them sooooo charming. So delicate and so beautiful.

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littlebyrd said...

I am going to visit a friend soon that lives in another state. I am so excited! It is fun to meet up and be able to just pick up where you last left off. Your day sounded lovely :)