Saturday, 24 October 2009

Saturday morning

Woke up fairly early, lit candles and turned on some easy music. I have no idea how to explain my sudden liking of this kind of music. It´s easy and easy to hum along to. Found ½ a cover of Cohens "Thousand kisses deep" and am searching searching searching to find the whole piece. I even wrote directly to the family (!) to ask about the matter, but have not yet received a reply;)

Today I´m going to the annual Helsinki book fair and tonight me and my colleagues are going to see the HDC Hardcore Humppa, contemporary dance performance. After we´re going out for a few drinks.

Above is an old english muffin form purchaised from Elsa K. Great for candles. I received it in the mail yesterday. And it was such a pleasure to open the parcel at it was delicately packed, with small scented labels and fine paper.

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