Monday, 5 October 2009

Stormy weather

My goodness how stormy it is! It was sooooo heavy to cykle today. But it didn´t rain!
It did rain yesterday, cats and dogs it rained! And the wind was about to steal my beautiful headband as I stepped out of the car to attend my husbands grandmothers 90th birthday. So in I walked with my hair and headband all tangled up, but luckily there were plenty of handy women who managed to re-tangle my hair and me and my headband.

Stormy weather

Had some good and, well it´s not sad news, perhaps more nostalgic news, my dear friend A has a new job. That´s great. But the job is all the way in London! He is throwing a birthday-party on saturday and now it turns out to be a farewell-party aswell. Well, all the more reason to visit my favorite city.

Dont´forget my competiton below;))


littlebyrd said...

I love a good storm!!! Sorry to hear about your friend leaving but you are right...a wonderful excuse to go visit a different city :)

sinnlighet said...

Hej vännen, det är inte mer än rätt att även Finland får lite storm.... här fick man hålla i hatten i helgen som gått!!

Jag älskar Din rosenkrans, ohhh den är så vacker. Det var länge sedan jag besökte Din underbart goa blogg!!