Sunday, 25 October 2009


Yesterday I attended the annual Helsinki book fair, oh dear, it was crowded. But I managed to find a few treasures, some so expensive I only dared to look - not touch. For ex. a hundred years old flora. The images were A3 size, handcoloured and so so delicate. Each image would make a beautiful piece of antique art to any home.
I did purchaise a large newspaper volume from year 1903, size 62cm x 45cm x 10cm. And it only cost me 10€! I´ll show you pics later.

Later in the evening I saw HDC (Helsinki dance company) performance Hardcore humppa. Amazing performance. It was breathtaking.

Above is a lovely tray I purchaised from Littlebyrdvintage on Etsy. It´s a lovely little shop that my fellow aquarian (we share the exact same birthday!), dear sweet Rebekah at Little byrd vintage hosts. I have not yet manged to hang it on the wall (it lacks wallpaper - poor excuse I know!). So it hangs above our clothesrack;) The buttonmagnets were a gift from Rebekah, what a creative idea to make magnets out of vintage buttons!

This short dance performance, "l´Esprit du bleu", by Carolyn Carlson is also breathtaking, it´s beautiful sad nostalgic, ah, just so so so beautiful. The music is also beatiful. Enjoy!


sinnlighet said...

Åh vilken go tjej Du är, tack för Dina härliga och hjärtegoa inlägg på min blogg! Uppfattade jag det rätt, heter du också Agneta?

Din blogg är som vanligt en dejlig pärla"


littlebyrd said...

I love seeing this in your home!!!! Thank you :)