Monday, 16 November 2009


Im happy that my husband has left these musical notes hanging on the chair, he plays the guitar again! Oh, have I missed his playing!
It was only about a year ago that I suddenly noticed that he no longer plays the guitar. I was so used to it, he played all the time (well not all the time!) it took some time for me to realize that the guitar is in it´s box and he hasn´t touched it for a long time. It made me sad. Made me think about how fast time flies, how every day life suddenly becomes routine and we forget what we enjoyed and wanted.
So, smart as I am (heh!) I bought a small cd player that I hang on the kitchen wall. So now my husband can listen to music in the kitchen when he cooks (he cooks daily) and he has also recently purchaised a few new cd´s. Then I got ourselves a guitarstand, so the guitar is no longer stored in a box, it´s right there with us in the living room. My smart plan has worked! My husband listens to music and he plays the guitar again! I couldn´t be happier!!!!

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Floss said...

Very clever - I think a guitar stand would be a good investment in our family too, as our son is always playing the piano but forgetting his guitar practice, as the guitar is packed away... It must be lovely for you to hear your husband play again - I agree with you that things somehow just 'slip'.

I have come over to you from Dottie Angel as I am also doing the Challenge. I look forward to finding out how you are getting on!