Tuesday, 1 December 2009


I am glad we have managed to leave November behind, it was a long and dark month. I believe the migratory birds have more sense than the rest of us - it would be wise to move south when winter comes!
But as I cannot escape darkness to a southern location, I better try make everyday life enjoyable, despite darkness;) Listen to good music, lit candles, eat lots of vegetables and fruit.
Right now I´m listening to Sade.

Above are pics from our hall/ entrence. A little drama.


littlebyrd said...

In just a few weeks winter solstice happens and the days begin to get longer! I love that turning point. Have a great week!!

Floss said...

Wonderful photos! I saw one of your migrating birds today - a Red Kite wondering why he was still in southern France when he really wanted to cross the Pyrenees and get to north Africa! He looked very flustered by the wind.