Thursday, 3 December 2009


Tomorrow I´m leaving for Gothenburg. I´m visiting my friend H, who lives there. I am sooooo looking forward to this weekend.
I am fairly busy before my short holiday, so I thought I take the opportunity now, to wish you a nice enjoyable weekend.
This song brings a smile to my face and funny memories as me and H used to make the silliest choreography to this tune on the dance-floor.
Above is a classic acorn-vase from Svenskt tenn. I know, that is not acorn I have in my vase;)
I once saw a picture where they had several of these acorn-vases in a row on a windowshelf. it was so beautiful, so simple.


littlebyrd said...

I love that vase! What do you have growing in there? Have fun in Gothenburg. I have no idea where that is but i Like it's name quite a lot ;)

sinnlighet said...

hoppas du får en sinnlig och ljuvlig helg, bilden på det där i vasen var hur fint som helst!

peace & love