Thursday, 31 December 2009

Happy New Year 2010!

I have been listening to Vivaldi lately. I enjoy the oboe consertos especially. Well, oboe is a fantastic instrument. I have found a lovely version of RV 548 Largo, by Arcangelos Chamber Ensemble. The video I found is on the other hand not so good and makes me feel as if I´m into some sort of new-age-stuff;)

Today it´s New Year´s Eve. I´m going to welcome the new year with my husband at our friend´s home. I don´t make New Year´s resolutions, I make wishes and give thanks instead.
Next year I hope to finally complete a few tasks that for many or no reasons at all are (still) unfinished. I also hope to start running again. I hope not to be so sensitive. To gain a little more teflon (PTFE) onto my skin.
I´m thankful for my health. For all the love I receive. That I have a certain someone, who stands by me and loves me, even though I have a mosquitos patience and at times can be a bit of a challenge.

Thank you for all your kind comments, they truly make me happy and surprised. It has been a pleasure to follow your blogs and I look forward to reading more!

Above is a small door (from a broken cupboard) with an antique-glass bird made by my father. The flowers are from a french ornamental chandelier I have standing on the windowsill.

See you next year!


Vibeke said...

kjære nina

ønsker å takke deg for alle de skjønne ordene du har gitt meg dette året, setter stor pris på dem!

kunne også ønske meg et tykkere teflonbelegg i det nye året. det hadde gjort godt med litt mere "beskyttelse" slisomt til tider å være så sensitiv, å føle seg nesten hudløs...

ønsker deg det aller beste for det nye året and may dreams come true,

varme klemmer

littlebyrd said...

Happy New Years to you my friend Nina! I hope all your wishes come true. I don't make resolutions either. I feel like maybe I should but I never want to! I mailed your music cd off yesterday so it should be along soon. Have a wonderful day.