Friday, 18 December 2009

Less than a week...

...until christmas!

I have had a hectic week. Now I´m looking forward to sauna and dinner, some wine.

We had a couch-surfer staying on wednesday. It was very much fun. My husband prepared dinner, we drank lots of tea and had a few very interesting conversations. It was easy to be with him, easy to like him, there was no effort needed. In fact, I hope he will return. Välkommen åter Thomas!

Above is a large bunch of flowers I bought today on my way home, they were on sale, the lot cost me 1€! I´m not sure if they are frozen perhaps, or why they were on sale. They look fine to me. Curious to see how long they will last. I will be slightly dissapointed to find them dead by tomorrow:(

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Vibeke said...

tusen takk for varmende ord fra deg, alltid koselig når du legger igjen noen spor etter deg :)
ønsker deg en deilig helg med ro, vin, sauna og vakre blomster!

varm klem