Saturday, 19 December 2009

These are a few of my favorite things

Candles!!!! I love candlelight.
I so enjoy late mornings in the weekend. To have breakfast, read the paper, then climb back under the covers to cuddle up next to a warm husband.

Above is my Astier de Villatte bowl with gingerbread. I also have a large jug by them. It´s a french company and had I "the money", I would probably have most of their stuff;) What I appreciate in their design is the playfullness, the rustic and delicate combined, the beautiful white finish.

The flowers I bought yesterday are fine. None of them have decided to give up and move to I´m still enjoying my huge bouquet.

Today I´m attending my godsons second birthday. Later in the evening it´s time to party. My dear friend N is turning 40 and they are throwing a huuuuge party for her at their home with lots of guests, food, drink, song and dance. It will be fun!

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littlebyrd said...

Pretty :) My CD burner is giving me troubles....I will figure it out soon so I can send you the cd! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas my sweet friend!!!!