Saturday, 12 December 2009


Ah, wonderful saturday morning. Slept late, read the paper and climbed back to bed after breakfast.
I´ve had a fairly hectic week filled with meetings and parties and work and I saw a fantastic theatre play, John Irwing´s Kaikki isäni hotellit (The Hotel New Hampshire) at Kom-teatteri. I really enjoyed that piece. I enjoyed the book, well, John Irwing is a favorite author. Not THE favorite, but defenately a favorite.

On todays agenda there is cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, baking gingercakes, origami...

Above is my hyacinth. I bought it under fairly funny conditions. I was inside a shop, looking for thread when I was suddenly hit by a very strong scent of hyacinth. But I could not see any flowers next to me, nor close to me. So there I was sniffing the air as I bumped into a saleswoman who also started sniffing the air. We spoke of how it in fact, at this particular spot, there is a very very strong scent of hyacinth - but where a hyacinth cannot be found! We laughed and then she took me to the flowerdepartment, as her guess was that my nose had made a decision that it was time to welcome a hyacinth into my home. So I purchaised a white hyacinth. Later I found red tulips and placed them all in an old french brioche form.

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littlebyrd said...

I looooove the smell of hyacinth and I really love how you put it inthe form. I have one of those! Your agenda today sounds similar to mine. enjoy!