Tuesday, 8 December 2009


I have always loved windows. I am one of those who walk the streets looking up!
I remember as a child that I used to look up at windows, I especially recall the reflecting lights. Some windows had cold lights, some warm and inviting.
My grandmother used to say "If you ever need to ask for help, knock on the door of a house that have flowers in their windows. Those tend to be good people."
I had a wonderful long weekend in Gothenburg. Me and H enjoyed looooong breakfasts, looooong walks in Slottsskogen (the castleforest). We saw penguins (!) beeing fed, a burping seal and lots of greedy seagulls. I also saw a wonderful theatreplay called Ett guds barn at Masthuggsteatern. We walked along the beautiful streets, the houses and the facades, the windows, all very appealing.


littlebyrd said...

Beautiful windows! It is fun to catch a glimpse inside someone elses home, isn't it? I like the windows that have lace and plants.

sinnlighet said...

Din känsla för vardagspärlor är unik, älskar denna sinnlighet - bara så du vet!