Thursday, 30 December 2010

Happy New Year

I wish you all a Happy New Year!
I´m about to leave (again) and spend New Years Eve with my friend A.

Take care of yourselves. See you next year!

Above is a little clip I filmed from a musicbox that I found in the fleamarket and gave new life. I placed this picture inside the lid;)

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Rare Exports

Today I´m going to see this film:

Monday, 27 December 2010

Very spoiled person reports following

Christmas has been relaxed and fun. I have slept, enjoyed "skinny-dipping" in the snow after a sauna (!), great food, chocolate, wine and champagne, good company, radio-programmes, music and I´ve been spoiled rotten with presents.

Now it´s back to (almost) normal.

Above is a vase I received as a gift some years ago. I use it as a winter-lantern by placing fairylights inside it.

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Happy Christmas

Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas.

I have made some changes in my christmas plans and I will be spending christmas away.

Take care of yourselves. Sending you warm kisses and hugs!


And look what arrived in the post just before I was about to leave!
Soooooooooo many present from dear Nathalie at le Temps des Lavandes. Thank you sooooo much. I shall wait and open them tomorrow when it´s Christmas Eve. Sweet Nathalie, you have spoiled me!!!!

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Thank you

Thank you for your kind words.

Now it´s just a few bits and pieces and deadlines to deal with and then I´m starting my winterholiday. Jeeeeeeeee!
And then it´s time to enjoy the wonderful old Walt Disney cartoons. I tend to watch one film every christmas. They are so wonderful. Some of them are so sad too...
Here´s Bambi on ice;) Enjoy!

I have these tiny little fellas to help me;)

Gone away from me

I have listened to Ray LaMontage´s song Gone away from me.

For a while I sat there staring at her photograph
For a while I cried and tried not to make a scene
There was a time when we were young
I used to make her laugh
But life is long, my love has gone away from me

Gone away from me
Gone away from me
Life is long, my love has gone away from me
Gone away from me
Gone away from me
Life is long, my love has gone away from me

Lately I can't seem to find myself no sleep at all
Lately I just lie awake and hear and dream
Of the time when she was mine
Felt like I had it all
But life is long, my love has gone away from me

Gone away from me
Gone away from me
Life is long, my love has gone away from me
Gone away from me
Gone away from me
Life is long, my love has gone away from me

Yesterday is gone
Yesterday is dead
Get it through your head and walk away
Yesterday is gone
Ain't no use hanging on to her memory
It only causes you pain

For a while I sat there staring at her photograph
For a while I cried and tried not to make a scene
There was a time when we were young
I used to make her laugh
But life is long, my love has gone away from me

Gone away from me
Gone away from me
Life is long, my love has gone away from me
Gone away from me
Gone away from me
Life is long, my love has gone away from me

Here´s a link if you want to listen with me.
I have to accept it does take time. I was surprised how my tears just appeared out of nowhere when I heard this song. I haven´t listened to Ray in a while. So then I just played it over and over, thought that ok, if there´s tears not cried over him then let them come.

Above is a french image pieuse dentelle I should frame...but for the moment I think this is a perfect place to keep a holy card.

Monday, 20 December 2010


The countdown to christmas has started.
Above is where I´ll be spending plenty of time;) Welcome to my sofa! I´ve saved books that I hope and wish to be jewels, so that I can just endulge in good stories. And I think I might watch a few films from amongst those cushions too. I will also winter-bathe, have a sauna and enjoy good food in the company of dear friends.

Yesterday whilst travelling on the bus I heard some adults talking to a child, they really put a lot of effort into this hype about father christmas and how you have to behave otherwise you will not have any presents...
I suddenly started thinking (I do think a lot of people have thought the same!)
We are all (or at least most of us) brought up with this christmas-hype. We are surrounded by this hype. The magazines are filled with it, the papers, tv, the´s all about the P E R F E C T christmas, what it should be, what we should wish for, how we should dress, what we must eat, how your christmas tree should look like, what we should expect. Then finally, after months of prepaprations, families get together to celebrate christmas. Everyone has their own H U G E expectations and all children have H U G E expectations. So tell me, is this why so many people are terribly anxious and stressed just before christmas? That everything must be perfect or christmas is ruined!
And why is there more domestic violence and more heavy drinking at christmas than any other holiday? And why do people feel so terribly lonely at christmas? I´m wondering if it is inevitable because of the excessive expectations. That it is in fact impossible to create a P E R F E C T christmas.
Should we perhaps lower our expectations, stop the hype, stop forcing and also expecting christmas to be this something that is P E R F E C T and then maybe there would be less chance of dissapointment.

I don´t know. I feel very tired of the hype. That I know. I´m sorry about the looooong lecture;)

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Wonderful evening

On my way home in the afternoon I decided to have a look in the nearby forest if there were any cut trees...I spotted one and walked in kneehigh powder snow to fetch fir twigs. I attached a few redonions as decorations.

My knitting-group had shrunk to only four participants tonight, but we enjoyed lovely mulled wine and chocolate muffins, traditional gingerbread cookies, ginger-orange cookies, strawberry chocolates and "spooncookies".

The funny dish with the boubles and the jug are from Astier de Villatte. I simply love the boubles on the plate, makes me smile and I adore the shape of the jug. It´s perfect to serve warm mulled wine.

I had a lovely evening.

Born under lucky stars

I won again! I´m defenately born under lucky stars! I can´t believe this!

I won a giveaway at I love my house. A wonderful blog. Thank you!!!!

Have a lovely day my dear dear friends.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

It´s beginning to smell a lot like christmas

I´m baking gingerbread cookies for tomorrow as my knitting-group is gathering for the last time before christmas. We have decided on a potluck at my home. I´m making the gingerbread cookies and glögg, that is traditional mulled wine.
The scent here at home is divine. This is christmas for me. The scent of gingerbread cookies;)

Above is a candleholder my mother bought when I was a child. It was old then, so it is very old now. And some fabric I found in my drawer.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010


We have lots and lots of snow in Helsinki, the only sound you hear when stepping outside is the extensive plowing!
I´m off to school shortly, but first enjoying a cup of coffee and some chocolate. It´s chocolate and gingerbread combination and beeing a chocolate lover I must say I am no huge fan of this combo;) Oh my, do I sound like a snob or a snob?

Above is snowflake I tried out of old booksheets. Here´s the tutorial if any of you want to make it:

Monday, 13 December 2010

Terribly bitter Santa Lucia

Today we celebrate light. It is Saint Lucia day in Scandinavia.
As a child I was Lucia at home, I wore a crown made of paper. But at school I was a snowflake;) The thing is, at school there is a Lucia election, and traditionally it is the girl with loooong blond hair, blue eyes and with voicerange soprano who gets elected. So it leaves very little chance for girls with brown hair that never grows past your shoulders who are terribly shy and voicerange alto:(

Later when I grew more confidence I was Lucia at my mother´s office. My dad recorded my singing at home and when I started the procession my mum would turn on the tape and I could sing along to my own singing;) It really helped because it felt I wasn´t singing alone.

And when I grew older and worked at the city theatre in Stockholm we decided that anyone who wants to be Lucia can be Lucia! We were quite many! Me included!

Today I´m going to watch the national Lucia proceed down the stairs of our beautiful cathedral.

Happy Saint Lucia day!

Here is a youtube clip of a swedish Lucia-procesion. Enjoy!

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Recykling the weekend

Today is recykling day in my household. We do not have glass nor metal recykling in my house. We have paper, cardboard, bio and energy waste. I have suggested adding both glass and metal, but it takes time and change is often slow. I use two old wooden boxes in my kitchen for glass and metal and once they are filled I take them to a nearby recykling site.

Later in the evening I´m going to the theatre with my friends.

But first of all, it´s all about recykling waste. This is a matter I´m quite passionate about;) In fact I enjoy challenging myself to produce as little as possible of any waste, even if it´s possible to recykle. I´m quite proud to say that I empty my energy waste twice a month. Previously it was once a week, or once every ten days but we also were two persons in my household at the time.

Wishing you a very pleasant weekend!

Above is a picture of the afternoon sky yesterday.

Thursday, 9 December 2010

I spy missed connections and dust

Today I sat in the bus for ages, at least it felt that way. Traffic is very slow due to heavy snow. Notice it rimed;)
In front of me sat a man facing me, he wore a hat. The edge of the hat was covered in dust. I assumed many reasons to why the edge of his hat was covered in dust. I never told him he was carrying dust in his hat.

I had a Missed connections -situation a few days ago. I was waiting for my bus, and a man walked past me and slipped. We briefly exchanged a few words about the icy streets. After a long silence he said the landscape looked like a snowglobe and that he had always wished for a snowglobe as a child. He also told me he had recently spotted one in a christmas catalogue. So I replied that perhaps it was time he made a wish come true and got himself a snowglobe and we laughed and he said that he probably would;) Anyhow, we chatted away and I was a little dissapointed his bus came so soon. As he boarded, he turned to me and said it had been pleasant or fun waiting for the bus with me. He smiled as he walked inside and I think I blushed a little.
I seldom think back at situations like these. But for some reason I keep thinking what kind of "Missed connections" -image I would create of us. We would both defenately be standing inside a snowglobe, he could have a funny pose, similar to the one I saw when he slipped. I could be blushing.

I really do enjoy Sophie Blackall´s "Missed connections" -paintings.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010


Helsinki is so beautiful dressed in snow. And I´m just about to leave. I´m taking the train to a nearby town to have a look at two apartments. Say no, say no more;)

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Independence day over

On saturday I had brunch at my friend M´s house. She had invited nine friends for brunch, it was lovely. We ate delicious breads, cheese, cakes and fresh smoothies with berries, bananas, pears and soy-youghurt. Drank plenty of juice and coffee. We talked and later decided to have a massage circle, four persons giving massage to one - and then change places so that everyone gets a massage. It was fantastic! I came home late afternoon feeling so happy and blessed for friends like this. And relaxed!

Today I had planned going skiing but it kept snowing and snowing I decided to stay snug indoors. What was supposed to be an active day turned into a stay in my pyjamas all day and eat chocolate and read read read.

Now it´s time to go to bed. Wishing you a good night.

Above are animals I´ve cut out of vintage wallpaper. I´ve printed contours of animals onto the backside of wallpaper. I cannot for the life of me remember the site that had these animals that you could download for free for your own use. If and when I remember I shall share it with you.

Friday, 3 December 2010

Pay it forward

I could never have imagined what a warm and caring community the blogworld is. I feel humble and grateful for all the support you have shown me.
My life did take a rather unexpected turn in the end of the summer, something I had not been prepared for. It still hurts. But not at all as much. Right now it is more stressful trying to find a new home and start over, but I´m filled with optimism. And that I have you dear friends to thank for. Your comments have made such a difference. I feel very grateful. I also think now is the best time ever to pay it forward. And, I have been exremely lucky, blimey, I´ve won two fantastic giveaways!

I wish I could hug and kiss you all. Virtually I can, so here comes my hugs and my kisses.

I also want to send something "touchable", so if you wish to receive something handmade by me, please leave a comment to this post.
Please leave your comment before the end of monday 6th of december, that is Finland´s independence day.

Once again, thank you. You are all incredibly generous.

I won again!

I can´t belive that I won again!
I won the giveaway at Le Temps des Lavandes. A lovely blog.
Thank you dear sweet Nato.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Flowerstand supermodel

I purchaised this flowerstand soon a year ago at a fleamarket for 4 euro. It had one "foot" missing and was covered in brown paint. I thought it had potential and brought it home with me. Now as I´m packing and organizing, I found it in the cellar. Just one of those yesterday I decided to do something about it. I scraped loose paint off, sandpapered the surface, made a new "foot" for it and painted it black as I happened to have leftover paint.
I think it turned out quite nice.
Decided to photograph it with two different pots. The flowerstand felt like a started acting abit like one too;)

Unfortunatley the apartment I wrote about in my previous post will not be mine :(
I had a phonecall last night from the seller, she informed me that a shareholder had stepped forward and announced interest in redeeming the shares. So I will have to continue my hunt. I will not be let down, this is just one of the backsides to apartmenthunting in old houses. I do think the system is unfair, but there´s nothing I can do about it. Well complain, but then I will bore you to the bone;)

Monday, 29 November 2010

Teacup candles and seasons

Lucky me, today I received the wonderful teacup candle I won when ME OLD CHINA had a giveaway! It goes so well with an old jug I have, it has been passed on from my grandmother. I shall most certainly enjoy the upcoming christmas season with this wonderful candle (the scent is adorable, it is green fig). I shall place seasonal flowers in the jug too...
I´m so happy for the candle, it defenately gave a little boost to enjoy the season. As you know I´m about to move house, so I don´t really have the inspiration needed to make christmas in this house. Still I think we should not put our life on hold, so thank you so much Lisa, this really made my christmas. I shall lit the candle in the mornings when it is very very dark (sometimes I´m not sure if it is morning or night!), when I have my little morning moment eating breakfast and reading the paper.

I also have good news on an apartment. My bid has been accepted, hooray! But it will take another 3 weeks until all is final. Once the three weeks is up, I have hopefully made a final deal and the other shareholders can no longer redeem the shares for this apartment. Apparently none of the shareholders are interested, but I will not celebrate until the deadline has expired. And then starts the renovation. But I shall not go into that now as nothing is yet final. I shall only try hold my nerves - it is nerve-racking business buying an apartment!

I had a great weekend.
It was a blast at my parents. My brother, his wife and their two children and their friends attended the dinner. So we were a large bunch. They had enjoyed the play tremendesly and the children couldn´t stop performing;) This is art at it´s best, inpiring and creative. I do wish more children could have the same opportunity, to be able to attend the theatre and conserts. And not only children, it is vital that we all can enjoy the arts and be inspired. To be touched by an artform, if it is music, dance, theatre, visual art, a painting, a film, whatever, the experience can sometimes be larger than life almost. Sorry for preaching;)

I have been listening to Ray Lamontagen lately, and today I listened to this, made me feel filled with energy somehow. Makes me want to dance, spread my arms and turn turn turn!

Wishing you all a wonderful week.

Saturday, 27 November 2010


Today is filled with all sorts of social events.

Soon I´m heading to my friends graduation-party. After that I´m having dinner at my parents house. My brother with his family are also attending. They are first going to the theatre this afternoon to see The little match girl -play by H. C. Andersen that has been made to a family musical. It has received fantastic reviews and I hope to be able to see it myself aswell.

In the evening I´m going to a release party, in fact I have promised to sell cd´s at the gig;)

I better get myself ready soon.

Wishing you a lovely weekend.

Above is the sun I caught this morning. But right after this shot, it dissapeared and has not been seen since! So that is why the picture is slightly odd...

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Shine on me!

It is so beautiful now once the storm has faded. The snow is white and the landscape is soft, the sun was shining all day and it caught me at mid day. I probably made a funny face but that was only because the sun surprised me - I did not expect to be shone upon;) What a difference a few sunrays can do! I wonder about these bright-light-therapy-lamps, does anyone have experience to share?

Above are sculptures from my school. They are old. I really enjoy their patina.

I´m making lasagne tonight. With spinach. I need iron.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010


I had planned to make a trainjourney early in the morning, but when coming home from school last night in quite heavy snowstorm I decided it was probably wise to postpone. And today I heard on the news that trains are delayed!

I have a mission for today, I shall stay indoors and keep warm as much and long as possible. And not use trains for transportation. This is not a campaign against our national railway - it is simply me trying to avoid beeing stuck!

Above is a lovely nude postcard that was in bad condition and someone had thrown it away. I cut away most of the broken bits and glued it onto a bookcover. I think it works fairly well.

Yesterday I was thinking that why do we not do that more often, surprise our friends and loved ones, it is in fact so easy. A postcard can make such a difference! You should have seen me, I was rather down-ish when I walked home from the station. My whole gesture changed and I was suddenly filled with energy and love when I read the card. My dear friend Ian is a true master in spoiling his friends. He is one of the most generous people I know. And he not only sends postcards and gifts (I have received small gifts in the mail), but he often buys two tickets to a consert/ theatre/ film/ event/ exhibition instead of one, he always invites a friend along. I am very privileged to have a friend like him. I hope I have learned something from a master;)

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Eadweard, love and gratitude

How happy and how filled with love and gratitude can one be when finding a postcard like this from a loved one waiting for you when you come home feeling utterly dissapointed and slowly loosing hope of ever finding a new home!

Thank you, thank you, thank you darling Ian. I love you! I truly am blessed with fantastic loving friends.

I so wish I could travel to London to see the exhibition of Eadweard Muybridge at Tate Britain.

Saturday, 20 November 2010

I´m still only looking!

I´m still trying to find a new home! I´m going away for a few days to check a few fairly good options. I´ll be back on tuesday.

We have a beautiful winter wonderland here in Finland. I hope to have time to enjoy the snow. It is very beautiful when you look outside. What always strikes me is howe the snow creates a little sordin. Makes it even more cosy.
Yesterday I visited my friend V and J, who live in a small cottage by the sea. We had such a lovely time, we wore wollen socks, drank plenty of tea, talked and talked for hours, listened to old LP´s and later had lovely dinner. J had found a Barbara Streisand LP at a fleamarket and listening to some tracks brought back memories;) My goodness, way back to the early eighties! Though it´s not our style of music really, you can still only admire how well she crafted her voice and what a voice! The song I really enjoyed was The love inside. (It sounded sooooo much better on LP!) But I could stay in those harmonies starting at 3.50 lasting until the end. There something with those harmonies that have always done something to me;)

The beautiful image above was given to me by a very sweet soul, Jeanette, who kept a blog called Sans Coucis. I send her warm thoughts. I visit her blog though she is no longer an active blogger. I return to enjoy the beautiful atmosphere she created.

Until tuesday dear friends. And please forgive me for not commenting actively.

Friday, 19 November 2010

I can hear the sea!

I think (!) I can hear the sea in the shell. I so long to be somewhere warm and sunny. To feel the air on my skin, warm air. It snowed yesterday, wet snow. Now the temperature has changed, it is colder, and the snow has actually not melted away!

I´ve bought the shell in Stockholm.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Lucky me!!!!

I won!
Yes, I did!!!! I can´t believe that it was actually me who won!

Me old china. A L O V E L Y blog. Enjoy!


Monday, 15 November 2010

I´m a little in love

Last monday, whilst walking in Stockholm, I passed a little oriental shop that had lovely candleholders in the window and I decided to pop in. Whilst walking around, looking at all the beautiful items, the lady in the shop changed the music. She had played oriental music when I walked in. Suddenly I heard a lovely voice and got drawn into a tune.
Eventually I ended up buying two candleholders and asked the lady in the shop the name of the singer. And yesterday suddenly something in me made me long for that tune I had heard in the little oriental shop. Then I remembered I had written the name of the singer in my mobilephone.
I looked her up on spotify and I think I´m a little in love.
Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce Melissa Horn.

This song reminds me of something. It does easily trigger tears in my eyes. I do have a lot of tears that need to be cried. I shall not store or save them. I seem to need this song in my little process called divorce;) My goodness, I never thought I would write about it lightly! I suppose that is a healthy sign.

So now I burn candles in my candlesholders and listen to Melissa and let my heart ache. But just a little. Because there are also happy days in my life now. And sorrow is not going to be my murunen.

Above a vintage postcard I have on the wall. She has such a gentle soft kind look, I wish I could brush her hair, stroke her hair. I know she smells of flowers.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Happy fathers day!

Today is fathers day in Finland. My dad is away filming so I called him. It was good to talk to him. I love him very very much and hope to see him soon. Happy fathers day!

The weekend has passed very quickly again. Last night I attended a combined housewarming and 40th birthday party. Previously during the day I had cut my hair, a short bob with a short fringe. I wore a lilac flower, lilac beads and lilac eye-shadow. I liked what I saw in the mirror. It hasn´t happened in a while...
My friends have moved into a fantastic apartment. I came home in the morning! Lovely food, lovely people, great music, a live perfomance (!) by Siiri. Oh yes my dears, I move in circles;) Hih :D
I danced and laughed and drank plenty of sparkling wine and grabbed a taxi home and fell asleep little tipsy.

Today I´ve eaten healthy, lots of fruit and veg. And warm food as my chinese doctor has ordered. I´m wearing wollen socks and feeling quite content.

I made the dishes and swayed along to this. Put a smile to my face as I danced to this song last night. A very sweet person who made me feel very special last night and danced with me many many times.

Time for some tea.

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend.

Friday, 12 November 2010

Stockholm II

Old town in morning sun.
Frost on the wooden pier.
Stockholms Schackförbund/ Stockholm chess society.


Frost on the wooden pier.
The sea early in the morning.
House in the old town.
A couple having a picnic on the pier.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Someone forgot to turn the lights on!

It has been raining ever since I came home from Stockholm! It is dark and colourless, as if by accident someone forgot to turn the lights on...I feel a need to rush indoors, I don´t want to stay outside more than absolutely necessary.
All one need is a cup of warm chocolate, some good tunes and candle light. Some love and affection isn´t a bad addition either;) I probably need to find a cat to live with!

Here´s a recipy for chili-cocoa from the lovely film Chocolat:

3 dl boiling water (1.27 cups)
5 dl milk (2.11 cups)
1 fresh chili
1 vanilla
1 cinnamon stick
100 g dark chocolate (3.5 ounces)
2 spoons of sugar
whipped cream

Remove seeds from the chili and place in boiling water. Let it boil heavily until only half of the water is left (1,5 dl). Remove the chili and let the water cool down.
Heat the milk in waterbath and add the cinnamonstick. Split the vanilla, remove the seeds with the top of a knife and add to the milk. Add the chocoltae as small pieces and stir until all the chocolate has melted. Remove the cinnamonstick and add the chiliwater slowly . The chocolate drink is strong enough when you clearly taste the chili.
There is plenty of sugar in the chocoltae, but you can add some more if you feel it needs more sweetening.
Decorate the chcolate drink with whipped cream.

E N J O Y !

Today I heard this song on the radio. Made me long for a cuddle. Muruseni means sweetheart, muru is a crumb.

Keep warm and keep dry dear friends!

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

I´m back!

I´ve had a wonderful time in Stockholm.
I had a very hectic timeschedule at first, but on monday I took it easy. I walked along the shore for hours, breathing in the autumn air and the landscape. I stopped and sat in a swing, enjoyed the sun and a passerby commented that "Du sitter och njuter" (transl. you sit and enjoy yourself). Popped into a lovely café for a sandwich and coffee. Read a magazine, then continued my journey to a bookshop.

The clown workshop was a lot of fun and hard work. But I´m not sure if it was my cup of tea;) I´m really glad I gave it a go.

Above are two candleholders I purchaised in Stockholm.

Thursday, 4 November 2010


I am leaving for Stockholm now.
Just a quick hello and wishing you all a wonderful weekend.
See you again next week, I´ll be back on tuesday. Hopefully with a newborn clown aswell;)

Above is a closeup of a walking stick and carved initials.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

New day with new energy

Thank you, I slept well and enough. Woke up before the alarm went off. I love that.
Today is filled with all sorts. Change of currency. Sweden still has swedish crowns. They haven´t gone all bananas over the euro.
I also have my knitting group tonight. We meet ever second thursday. But they changed the day so that I can take part. How sweet isn´t that?

But I seem to want to postpone going out... it´s raining. This morning I could have done with a pair of windscreen wipers for my glasses;)

Above my collection of wooden folding rulers.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

This is life

Today I felt so tired when I got home. I kicked off my shoes, dropped my bag and stuff fell out onto the floor and I just walked away. That is not at all typical of me. I usually tidy up after myself. And others! Ever heard of Litter movement ? No, I´m not sponsored by them, I try to pick litter instead;)
But now I´m forgetting myself, I was supposed to complain and whine about how tired I felt when I came home. I even decided to take a picture of my bag in the hallway. I still havent done anything about it!

It was dark at five. Dark. My inner-clock says sleep. My goodness, how I am to survive this darkness?

I need to make a plan. Eat lots of vitamin D. Try to be outdoors as much as possible. Make sure I sleep enough. And eat warm food as my chinese doctor has ordered. Good night. I will leave that bag lying there and just call it a day. Sleep well dear friends.

I now have a pride flag on my blog. I snagged it from Nina @ naturally nina. If you are also a blogger and support lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equal rights, feel free to snag it or add one to your blog.