Sunday, 31 January 2010

Sunday evening

The weekend has just flown past. Now it´s sunday evening and I´m about to head to bed, need to get up early. And I´m going to sign my new contract tomorrow. I´m very excited!
It has snown very much, light powder snow. It is so beautiful. This winter has been exceptional. I have enjoyed it, it has been fun to to do wintersports. Not to mention the light.

Last night I started dreaming about a trip to Greece in the beginning of the summer. I´d love to go. For a week. I´d love to cykle. Then I´d also like to sit under a parasol on the beach and read, look at the sea, swim. Eat plenty of fruit. I´d love to sit outdoors and dine, in a soft velvet night (the mediterranean soft velvet nights are amazing), wearing a sleevless dress, with my beautiful antique shawl in black, it is the softest lace and it is huuuuuge. It looks so good with a simple black sleevless dress, and especially if I have a little tan. I would add only two accessories, a silver hairclip and an antique silver necklace.
Dreams, dreams, dreams...

Friday, 29 January 2010

Shallow grapefruit

Thank you, dear Rebekah at Little Byrd, for tagging me for 7 things you might not know about me:

1. I hum. Often. Apparently.
2. I have over-mobile joints;) I have a very flexible body. And because of that my sceleton sounds. When I do yoga, my body is very noisy!
3. I absolutely love spinach. Could not live without it.
4. I do not eat anything that has walked on four legs. I simply cannot swollow.
5. I´ve had glasses for just over a year. I used to get a lot of positive attention and positive comments for my eyes, and since I got my glasses, all the commenting has dissapeared. Really! I feel silly, why even mention this. I also feel extremely shallow for admitting that I miss the attention. But I do. I´ve even gone as far as to consider getting contactlenses;) Seriously!!!! And that makes me feel even more shallow;)
6. My first love was a french boy called Jean-Luc, he had a scar on his cheek and when he smiled, it moved below his eye. I don´t know if he knew about my feelings. I was way too shy to tell him. But I loved his company. And his smile. And his language. And his scar.
7. I also love grapefruit. Especially the ones with red fruit. Grapefruit is called Pamplemousse in french. I like, no, perhaps we´re on the love level when it comes to this word. And this is what it sounds like.

I´m supposed to pass this on. So I am passing this on to Fit to be seen, Lobster and Swan, Wabi&Sabi, Lolita, No penny for them, crow and canary, Troc, Broc and Recup´, A heart in Provence.

The image above is from

Oh, and thank you for the kind comments on my past post. Jeeeee!


I had an interview this morning. It went very well. In fact, I knew once I had left, that they would choose me. An hour later I got a call where they asked if I was still interested in the job. I told them yes. I now have an appointment for monday morning where we will go through my contract. What a great birthday present! Jeeeeeeeeeeee! I´m very excited!!!! And very happy!!!!! And very proud!!!!

I had a lovely birthday yesterday, many warm and funny birthdaywishes (thank you!). The lecture I attended was so inpiring I walked up to the lecturer and hugged her on my way out. Later enjoyed dinner with my husband in a Nepalese restaurant (I love Nepalese food) and then came home, snug up on the sofa together, listened to music and just relaxed. My birthdaypresent is apparently arriving in the mail sometime in the future...;)

Above is a blurry little girl leaning on a waterbottle.

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Birthday post 2

This is what I´m wearing today. A lilac short dress with small mother-of-pearl buttons and a large pale lilac cardigan with a lacetrim. I love the way this image turned out. It is taken through a very old mirror, that makes everything look like it´s shimmering. Today I´m defenately a shimmering birthdaygirl!

Happy Birthday

Today is my birthday. I was woken this morning with lovely breakfast in bed. And then had a little snooze.
I´m going to attend a lecture today, make a CV-update as I have a job interview tomorrow morning and enjoy dinner with my husband in a restaurant tonight.

Above is a silly kitsch cup we drink from on our birthdays, it reads "Jag gratulerar" (transl. I congratulate) on the side. And my piece of cake.

I will now continue having a fab day! Happy birthday to me and to my fellow blogger, dear Rebekah at Little Byrd Vintage.

And here´s our birthday song: Crocodile Fedja´s birthday song (I loved the books as a child and love the puppet-animation)

Sunday, 24 January 2010


It is again a very bright day.
I have an extremely large tummy today, because all joy happiness fun has moved there!
We had a lovely night. The performance went very well. Went for a few drinks afterwards with friends, took the bus home. And fell asleep emmediately! I slept for very long and now it feels as if I stepped into something new. I feel calm and content.

Soon my parents are coming to visit.

Above are shadows I cought with my camera this morning. The first one is from the kitchen, I have a similar image taken less than a year ago. The second picture is from the livingroom, the chandelier standing in the window dances on the walls.

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Yoga and powder

Have just come home from yoga, feel a little longer again.
It´s one of those days when the light is so sharp, everything looks different. And I can see dust.

Bought a small bouquet of powder coloured flowers. In the picture they look more pink.
Going to make myself a sallad, then do some voice-exercise/ opening and slowly start getting ready, we have a song-performance tonight.

Friday, 22 January 2010

I see red!

My old cafe au lait -bowl. Cushion on my chair by the computer. Red ranunculus and my husbands roadbike. Homemade blackcurrant juice. Uppercorner of an old educational board of fungus. My top, it´s extremely large and I use it as a dress with leggings. A fairly scruffy woollen sock. Survival kit, sweets and painkillers;) Fireblanket (purchaised today!). French apples. Vintage sailboat in desperate need of repair. Part of red butterfly-fabric.

Thursday, 21 January 2010


Today I hosted the "Knitting café" in my own livingroom!
All participants wanted to continue meeting regularly even though I no longer work at the café. Many also offered their own homes as a meetingplace. So I decided that we could have a circulating -knitting café. And tonight we met up in my home. It is such a thrill to meet up and do creative work together, drink tea, eat a bun, chat away, ask for advise, listen to new inspiring techniques...we have planned to do other crafts aswell, and as we are group, we can organise our own workshops in different crafts. Now we planned a workshop for concrete casting.
Tonight we also planned to make a trip to Tallin, to visit a crafts-paradise called Karnaluks. I´ve heard so much about it but have never been.

We´ll meet in 2 weeks time again. I can´t wait!

Picture credits to my dear knitting-colleague Maarit K.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Dearest Vladimir

I fell asleep in the early morning hours and had the strangest dream.
I dreamed I flirted with the Russian primeminister. Vladimir laughed at my jokes, we had some serious foot-games under the table. He leaned towards me in a very very flirty way.
That´s not the kind of flirt that I find appealing. I´m more for the long gazes...and I´ve never found Mr. Putin the slightest attractive;)
I even invited him to our performance on saturday! OMG!

Above is a piece of an old wallpaper that I have framed. I love the colours. I could even imagine Mr. Putin having this sort of wallaper in his library.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Luxury and sleep

What luxury, I´ve just come home from a massage session. I decided to go again as I noticed I have ache in my shoulders and it doesn´t go away even if I work out or stretch or do relaxation exercises.
We decided I should come once a week for a massage. I stress quite easily and I seem to have placed all my stress in my shoulders. It is time to take care of myself now. I also purchaised natural-melatonin to help with my sudden loss of beeing able to fall asleep. I have never before had this sort of problem and unfortunately it has continued such a while I already dread going to bed at night because I know I will not fall asleep. I do sleep, but my sleep is very short and I fall asleep in the morning hrs, after 5 am. And get up at 9am. And I need more sleep than those few hrs.! I also do quite a lot of sports so my body needs rest.

I hope the natural-melatonin will bring some relief .
I´m sorry for pouring out my problems.

Above is something I tried out many many years ago, at the time I wanted to make as much as possible out of newspaper. I made lots of origami and papier-maché, and this odd looking wreath.

Friday, 15 January 2010


It turned out to be a hectic week after all. Started training again on wednesday. I´ve had a break from training since summer, as I simply had not much time. And it is a form of traing you need to commit to. I felt so good when I got home, so strong, so vibrant. I alo felt as if I suddenly was a tiny bit taller;)
Now it´s soon weekend. I plan to ski, enjoy good food, good company (my sister-in-law is joining us) and enjoy the winter!

Wishing you a lovely weekend!

Above is a french pitcher. I love the colours and the motifs. I also have a plate and a bowl.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010


I have just been out skiing in fantastic winterweather. the landscape is so beautiful. The silence in the woods, the peace. I am so spoilt. The skitrails start just 50m from our front door. I enjoy living in this area, the possibilities to do outdoor and indoor sports are fantastic. We have a swimmingpool nearby. In the winter, there´s plenty of skitrails, huge variety of length and a variety in how challenging the trails are. You can also choose trails between traditional style or skating-style.

When there´s no snow, the trails are for hiking and biking. There´s also great running trails, covered with sawdust.

Above is a picture of the trees nearby covered in snow. I couldn´t carry my camera with me whilst skiing, it is in the way. I´m going skiing later in the week, maybe I can take a smaller camera with me. I need to charge the battery for it though, it hasn´t been used in ages.

Now I need food!

New week, new energy

Today the trees were so beautiful, unfortunately I didn´t have my camera with me. But I´ll try get some good shots to show tomorrow.
Bought some tulips on my way home, they make me wish for spring.

Saturday, 9 January 2010


Yesterday I made a decision not to continue at the café. The problem issues have grown far too big and I feel there´s just no going back. I feel so relieved having made this decision. My loved ones all support my decision. And believe me, it wasn´t easy to make. My sister-in-law congratulated me on a very wise and brave decision. That means a lot to me.
I will now take a little time out and give myself time to figure out what to do next. I´m confident I´m on the right path. In fact, I´m quite excited somehow. All I need is a little time.

Today was a fantastic day, extremely bright light flooding in from all the windows. I was almost blinded by the light this morning when I crawled out of a darkened bedroom. The sun was shining and the snow reflecting the light made it almost unreal.

Met up with a friend in the afternoon then had dinner with my husband. Now he´s gone out with his friends and I decided to come and read the blogs I follow.

Above is a mirror placed in the window in this amazing light we had today.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Spa and trust

Well, luckily I am a person who gets tired of complaining. So I took myself to a spa today, for a relaxing head massage. I managed to relax, I even let a few tears fall and my headache is now gone gone gone.

It is not only the headache that has kept me under the weather, it´s some problems that have occured at the cafe. Things that have made me loose trust in people. I know we all make mistakes.
I think I will take a pause in the café, do other things. I need to trust that all things will work out. Eventually. That´s the hardest bit. To let go, to follow my instinct, to be brave enough to take those steps.

Above is a wet street coloured by trafficlights.


I will now use my fellowblogger Kristina´s words "I've been feeling a bit under the weather and have been struggling with headaches a lot." Almost made me cry reading that.
Because that is eaxactly how I´ve been feeling the past days. I usually never have headaches. Now I feel I have constant ache and banging in my head. And I feel awful, looking how my mood is affecting people around me who wonder what on earth is wrong with me. So the domino-effect hit in too, and it makes me feel so guilty:(
I don´t know what to do. How to shake this feeling off of me.
I commented on Kristinas post that I think it´s ok to feel a bit under, as long as we remember that we are also loved, needed and missed.

Above is a reflection from the window.

Monday, 4 January 2010


Monday. A few meetings on the agenda. Then I´ll take myself to the gym.
It has been good with time off. Time to read, time to think and plan and dream. Oh, I am a true dreamer...I dream of an antique cast-iron fireplace. Like the ones at Qvesarum. Then click on Antika gjutjärnsspisar on the lefthandside under Produkter and there you´ll find a list of beauties...for ex. the Nyborg jernstoteri is just lovely. The cast-iron fireplaces are fantastic. At my parents summerhouse, there is not one, but two cast-iron fireplaces. They heat up quickly and keep the house nice and warm for an amazingly long time, they are true energysavers. So it´s not just the beauty of them that is so appealing, the cozy-factor is guaranteed!
There´s only one but here. We live in an apartment. So in order to enjoy a cast-iron fireplace, we need to move into a house! So now I also dream of a small house...mansard roof, a small garden, I will plant peonies and sweet pea...

Above. Heimliche. Secret.

Friday, 1 January 2010

A new decade

Sounds so pompous to write "new decade".

I had a lovely evening/ night with my dear friends, we ate well and talked, took a stroll outdoors to look at the fireworks (even though J has fantastic scenery from his windows! He lives in a penthouse with the best view in town!), we drank champagne at midnight, I kissed my darling husband under a full moon (!!!) and amazing fireworks.

Now it´s time for Toast Skagen (a scandinavian delicacy and something we always on the 1st of january!) and fish-soup made of salmon. For desert it´s ice-cream with raspberries and caramel-sauce.

Above is my wireflower purchaised from Good morrow, the most friendly shop on earth! Back to the picture, it looks as if there were two flowers, when there in fact is only one! The "second" flower is the shadow!