Thursday, 21 January 2010


Today I hosted the "Knitting café" in my own livingroom!
All participants wanted to continue meeting regularly even though I no longer work at the café. Many also offered their own homes as a meetingplace. So I decided that we could have a circulating -knitting café. And tonight we met up in my home. It is such a thrill to meet up and do creative work together, drink tea, eat a bun, chat away, ask for advise, listen to new inspiring techniques...we have planned to do other crafts aswell, and as we are group, we can organise our own workshops in different crafts. Now we planned a workshop for concrete casting.
Tonight we also planned to make a trip to Tallin, to visit a crafts-paradise called Karnaluks. I´ve heard so much about it but have never been.

We´ll meet in 2 weeks time again. I can´t wait!

Picture credits to my dear knitting-colleague Maarit K.

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