Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Luxury and sleep

What luxury, I´ve just come home from a massage session. I decided to go again as I noticed I have ache in my shoulders and it doesn´t go away even if I work out or stretch or do relaxation exercises.
We decided I should come once a week for a massage. I stress quite easily and I seem to have placed all my stress in my shoulders. It is time to take care of myself now. I also purchaised natural-melatonin to help with my sudden loss of beeing able to fall asleep. I have never before had this sort of problem and unfortunately it has continued such a while I already dread going to bed at night because I know I will not fall asleep. I do sleep, but my sleep is very short and I fall asleep in the morning hrs, after 5 am. And get up at 9am. And I need more sleep than those few hrs.! I also do quite a lot of sports so my body needs rest.

I hope the natural-melatonin will bring some relief .
I´m sorry for pouring out my problems.

Above is something I tried out many many years ago, at the time I wanted to make as much as possible out of newspaper. I made lots of origami and papier-maché, and this odd looking wreath.

1 comment:

Floss said...

It's quite a good wreath! Don't knock yourself!

I really do hope that the massage and melatonin do the trick - get well soon.