Monday, 4 January 2010


Monday. A few meetings on the agenda. Then I´ll take myself to the gym.
It has been good with time off. Time to read, time to think and plan and dream. Oh, I am a true dreamer...I dream of an antique cast-iron fireplace. Like the ones at Qvesarum. Then click on Antika gjutjärnsspisar on the lefthandside under Produkter and there you´ll find a list of beauties...for ex. the Nyborg jernstoteri is just lovely. The cast-iron fireplaces are fantastic. At my parents summerhouse, there is not one, but two cast-iron fireplaces. They heat up quickly and keep the house nice and warm for an amazingly long time, they are true energysavers. So it´s not just the beauty of them that is so appealing, the cozy-factor is guaranteed!
There´s only one but here. We live in an apartment. So in order to enjoy a cast-iron fireplace, we need to move into a house! So now I also dream of a small house...mansard roof, a small garden, I will plant peonies and sweet pea...

Above. Heimliche. Secret.


manon 21 said...

Très bonne Année 2010.
un baiser de France


littlebyrd said...

That is a nice dream. Keep it going!