Friday, 29 January 2010

Shallow grapefruit

Thank you, dear Rebekah at Little Byrd, for tagging me for 7 things you might not know about me:

1. I hum. Often. Apparently.
2. I have over-mobile joints;) I have a very flexible body. And because of that my sceleton sounds. When I do yoga, my body is very noisy!
3. I absolutely love spinach. Could not live without it.
4. I do not eat anything that has walked on four legs. I simply cannot swollow.
5. I´ve had glasses for just over a year. I used to get a lot of positive attention and positive comments for my eyes, and since I got my glasses, all the commenting has dissapeared. Really! I feel silly, why even mention this. I also feel extremely shallow for admitting that I miss the attention. But I do. I´ve even gone as far as to consider getting contactlenses;) Seriously!!!! And that makes me feel even more shallow;)
6. My first love was a french boy called Jean-Luc, he had a scar on his cheek and when he smiled, it moved below his eye. I don´t know if he knew about my feelings. I was way too shy to tell him. But I loved his company. And his smile. And his language. And his scar.
7. I also love grapefruit. Especially the ones with red fruit. Grapefruit is called Pamplemousse in french. I like, no, perhaps we´re on the love level when it comes to this word. And this is what it sounds like.

I´m supposed to pass this on. So I am passing this on to Fit to be seen, Lobster and Swan, Wabi&Sabi, Lolita, No penny for them, crow and canary, Troc, Broc and Recup´, A heart in Provence.

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Oh, and thank you for the kind comments on my past post. Jeeeee!


Floss said...

Hi there, and thanks for the tag! Although I am technically tag and award free (jut because I don't have the time to do them properly), I'll do this one...

Here's a funny thing about pamplemousse - in the supermarkets here they are all called 'pomelos'. I have not yet worked out why everyone is taught the word pamplemousse but it's not actually used. Whatever they're called, I love them too. Ben and I share one every morning.

kristina - no penny for them said...

hello! you've got a lovely blog here...

just a few days ago, i also got a tag for seven things about me from natsumi, and so i thought i'd do them both together. probably in the next few days - it's a bit mad here at the moment and the internet is still playing up. have a good weekend!

kristina - no penny for them said...

hello again! finally got around to posting my seven things... :)