Thursday, 7 January 2010

Spa and trust

Well, luckily I am a person who gets tired of complaining. So I took myself to a spa today, for a relaxing head massage. I managed to relax, I even let a few tears fall and my headache is now gone gone gone.

It is not only the headache that has kept me under the weather, it´s some problems that have occured at the cafe. Things that have made me loose trust in people. I know we all make mistakes.
I think I will take a pause in the café, do other things. I need to trust that all things will work out. Eventually. That´s the hardest bit. To let go, to follow my instinct, to be brave enough to take those steps.

Above is a wet street coloured by trafficlights.

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littlebyrd said...

I thought was a picture of water at first - so pretty! I am sorry you are having some troubles at the cafe. You are right: it will all eventually work out as it should. I hope you have a good weekend.