Sunday, 31 January 2010

Sunday evening

The weekend has just flown past. Now it´s sunday evening and I´m about to head to bed, need to get up early. And I´m going to sign my new contract tomorrow. I´m very excited!
It has snown very much, light powder snow. It is so beautiful. This winter has been exceptional. I have enjoyed it, it has been fun to to do wintersports. Not to mention the light.

Last night I started dreaming about a trip to Greece in the beginning of the summer. I´d love to go. For a week. I´d love to cykle. Then I´d also like to sit under a parasol on the beach and read, look at the sea, swim. Eat plenty of fruit. I´d love to sit outdoors and dine, in a soft velvet night (the mediterranean soft velvet nights are amazing), wearing a sleevless dress, with my beautiful antique shawl in black, it is the softest lace and it is huuuuuge. It looks so good with a simple black sleevless dress, and especially if I have a little tan. I would add only two accessories, a silver hairclip and an antique silver necklace.
Dreams, dreams, dreams...

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