Friday, 15 January 2010


It turned out to be a hectic week after all. Started training again on wednesday. I´ve had a break from training since summer, as I simply had not much time. And it is a form of traing you need to commit to. I felt so good when I got home, so strong, so vibrant. I alo felt as if I suddenly was a tiny bit taller;)
Now it´s soon weekend. I plan to ski, enjoy good food, good company (my sister-in-law is joining us) and enjoy the winter!

Wishing you a lovely weekend!

Above is a french pitcher. I love the colours and the motifs. I also have a plate and a bowl.


moa said...

å for en vakker mugge...
ønsker deg en magisk helg, nina!


Vibeke said...

vakker mugge, nydelig...

har så lyst til å kjøpe meg denne boken
tror du at du kunne hjulpet meg med å oversette en oppskrift eller to i den?

varm go'klem fra meg :)