Tuesday, 12 January 2010


I have just been out skiing in fantastic winterweather. the landscape is so beautiful. The silence in the woods, the peace. I am so spoilt. The skitrails start just 50m from our front door. I enjoy living in this area, the possibilities to do outdoor and indoor sports are fantastic. We have a swimmingpool nearby. In the winter, there´s plenty of skitrails, huge variety of length and a variety in how challenging the trails are. You can also choose trails between traditional style or skating-style.

When there´s no snow, the trails are for hiking and biking. There´s also great running trails, covered with sawdust.

Above is a picture of the trees nearby covered in snow. I couldn´t carry my camera with me whilst skiing, it is in the way. I´m going skiing later in the week, maybe I can take a smaller camera with me. I need to charge the battery for it though, it hasn´t been used in ages.

Now I need food!

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moa said...

hej nina -

...for et vakkert bilde!
...som tatt ut av et fairytail!