Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Books, books, books...

Inspired by Floss´ post about books, I thought I´d share some bookpictures from my home. Well, this time just the one as the battery for my camera just run out whilst I was in action;)
Above is a vintage french ladder that I use as a bookshelf, belive me, we have a whole wall covered with shelves from floor to roof, covered in books. So I thought it would be fun to display a few books along with other bits and pieces on a ladder. Well, the other bits and pieces had to make room for the books, we have so many! Partly because my husband is a bookeditor and translator. But also partly because we simply love reading;)
I enjoy the ladder idea, but my ladder is far too small. Then, then one day I saw a fantastic image in a magazine, a danish home, where they used an antique english library ladder as a bookshelf. I thought that was one of the most beautiful ladders I had ever seen, love at first sight. So I placed the image within my subconsious. Some time later when I was browsing through Butik Sophies lovely website, I stumbled upon an almost identical library ladder! So, I bought it! How crazy is that!!! And guess what, my libraryladder is coming home next week!!! I´ve been very patient, it has been good practise as I´m not well known for my patience.
I also enjoy the ladder-idea because our library is also used as a study, cyklestorage (you can see one bike behind the ladder), craftsroom, now I have this vision, that I can hide the bike, the crafts-incomplete etc., behind the large ladder.


Floss said...

OOh, I wondered what you meant about the ladder! I'm so glad you showed us this - I'll do a link on my post to this and to a few other people who've been inspired to post about books now I've got them started.

Karen said...

Well, I of course linked off of Floss' blog, and goodness, all over the world, there are book freaks! I'm glad my husband isn't the only addict, well, I didn't even mention mine, b/c they are more like sewing, crafting, decorating, magazines, etc. Mine don't count lol! Can't wait to see the ladder, that will be awesome! Karen