Friday, 26 February 2010


Friday and another day at work has flown by;) I spent most of the day in a meeting. Now I´m at home and I´m trying to work out how to connect the movie-projector to our stereo-system...I have planned to watch a movie with my husband, we always lay on the floor and watch the film via the ceiling. It is fun and very relaxing, to place plenty of cushions and throws on the floor and enjoy. But until today we´ve had the poor sound from the computer...I thought I would surprise my husband by attaching the projector to the stereo-system;)

But before we watch any movie, we will enjoy a sauna and prepare dinner.


moa said...

hei nina
grattis med nytt jobb!
så spennende!
ha en vakker helg!


sinnlighet said...

du vännen, jag är så glad för din skull med ditt nya liv/jobb.


littlebyrd said...

That sounds like so much fun! I love the idea of watching it on the ceiling :)

lejardengirl said...

sounds fun...hope it works for you, have a great weekend!!