Thursday, 11 February 2010

First Floss, then Evie...

Yesterday I was inpired by Floss and posted about books. I´ll do more books another time, well, at least once the ladder has settled;)

Above is a garland I made last night, inspired by Evie. What a lovely idea. I still need to practise, but I think this is looking quite good.

Met my friend K for lunch. We met up in a café that turned out to be very popular among mothers and their offspring. So we ended up flirting with quite many small funny cute adorable temperamental brave kids;) What fun!
After lunch we headed to a charityshop with a reduction-campaign, they sell all items for 5euro. We were looking for an outfit for K when she attends her brothers wedding. What a fun afternoon! We are so good together, K picks out the basic and I add accessorises. We found a beautiful 100% wool dress that fits her perfectly. Very simple, very chic.

Now I simply must consentrate on making arrangements as my irish friend E is arriving tomorrow. He is staying until wednesday next week.

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George's Mum said...

wow!! I love it. I am so pleased to have actually inspired someone to make something- this has made me smile so much!!!

I love your blog- you have so many beautiful things in your home. Very happy that we have found each other in blogland!!

Looking forward to reading all your posts. Anna x(Evie George