Tuesday, 9 February 2010


Some years ago, I was in a recording studio making a record. Oh no, nothing fancy big huge radioplay-stuff, I´m sorry!
Anyhow, whilst waiting around for my next session in the studio, in walks a tall man with a cello. He sat down and we spoke for quite a while. He was very charming, warm and funny. Then he was called in, his cello playing appeared on two tracks on the record.
When he was ready, he packed his cello in a box and put his clothes on, by the time I had thrown myself on the sofa that was in the lounge. Picture following in slowmotion: he walks towards me - in a split second I imagine that he is going to kiss me before he leaves, so I lift my mouth towards him to accept the kiss - at the same time he leans down and touches my shoulder and says something like, Nina, it was very nice to meet you. And I start to laugh because the situation is obscure;) I´m not sure if he ever noticed my eager lips or my wierd imagination!
I dare to write about this as I´m quite certain he will never find his way to my blog. Even if he did, I don´t mind him knowing this silly story.
Well, it makes me laugh!

The man in question is Max Lilja, a very talented musician. He was one of the founders of Apocalyptica. He no longer plays in the group. I´m not a fan of their music. But I think they are ever so cool;) Nowadays Max plays in several groups, one of them a group called Tekijä Tuntematon. I like this group.

Below is a picture of Apocalyptica. Max is on the far right;) Bare in mind, this image is from the late 90´s!

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