Saturday, 6 February 2010

Knitting Demis Roussos

On thursday I met up with my dear fellow knitters at Aino´s home. We were like the knights of the round table, as we sat around a table, knitting and laughing as we had our own little entertainer. May I present, little Marja-Liisa. She is a tiny little Korat-kitten, very energetic and has that lovely ruthless attitude, that everyone and everything is there only for her. But in a very charming way. It must have been kitten-heaven, with plenty of thread to play with, plenty of hands to caress, and many laps to fall asleep in.
I´m still working on my granny-squares. It feels an endless task. But you see I have this vision or dream of a granny-square throw, that is large enough for two!

Last night I feel asleep giggling;)
We were trying to remember the name of a greek singer, a master of vibrato. All we came up with at first was that he used to sing in a band together with Vangelis. I said that I´m absolutely convinced there is a "chr"-sound in the name. After a while we both remembered, he´s called Demis Roussos. And there´s no "chr"-sound in sight in that name! So now a certain husband keeps whispering "chr" everytime he passes me, and throws me a very teasing assertive smile;)
Here´s a song by master of vibrato: Forever and ever. I´m not a fan of this kind of music, but it reminds me of something - I cannot put my finger on it, what it could be. It also makes me feel slightly melancholic.


sinnlighet said...

Gudars skymning vilken pastoralt skön feeling, komplett harmoni!


Floss said...

Lovely kitten and, yes, I have moments like that when trying to remember names!

I followed the lace blog link in your last post and it is WONDERFUL! Thanks for letting us know.