Wednesday, 24 February 2010


These days have just flown by! It has been fun, but I´m also looking forward to the upcoming weekend.
I will go shopping for a new swimmingsuit on saturday. I swim often and today I noticed the fabric of my suit is quite used in places. Lately I have practiced my breathing and also my swimming teachnique. Mainly legs. I try to consentrate on the teachnique, at times it is really annoying as I feel I become so much slower, but when I combine my movement according to breathing I get more speed. I really enjoy swimming and my body enjoys it too. But what I cannot understand is why on earth I can eat for hrs afterwards. I am soooo hungry. I always try to eat after doing sports, but after swimming I feel I need lots lots lots of food. And I always end up feeling slightly hungry and I don´t like that. Maybe I should try recovery products that are made for athletes. I have never used them. My husband uses them after ultradistance runs. I cykle along as support, and that is a nice way to do things together. And it is also a wayfor me to support my husband. He also appreciates me beeing there and he always thanks me.

Above are old swedish spice-pots. I love the small porcelain knobs.


sinnlighet said...

En tidig morgonhälsning, vilka underbara burker och vilka ljuvliga porslinploppar... Like like like!



jamaica byles said...

lovely old spice the red and gold design.Good luck in your new job!

littlebyrd said...

Hmmmm. I am not sure why swimming makes you so hungry but you are right, it does. Maybe you are just burning lots and lots of calories! Cute spice pots :)