Friday, 12 February 2010

More paperflowers...

I needed to make a card, so I decided to use the recently discovered paperflowers. The signature should have been in ink, but I´ve run out:(
I have quite a lot on my to-do-list today. Wrap a parcel, go to the post-office to send it, grocery-shopping (wonder what E prefers to eat for breakfast?), purchaise flowers, clear the balcony of snow (the forecast has promised milder weather and it is not good to have too much melting snow on a balcony- it turns extremely heavy when wet), pack for short-trip to Stockholm, buy sparkling wine to greet E with.
So, without further wabbling, I´ll wish you a pleasant weekend.

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Mandarine D'Italie said...

The card look lovely!! Hope your plans work out well for your week-end, sounds like you have quite a lot on your schedule, have a nice week-end too, my dear and thank your for your kind comment!