Wednesday, 3 February 2010


Above is a mirror in the hallway. And through it you can catch a glimpse of a framed wallpaper, Deborah Bowness´ handprinted wallpaper lamp. I so enjoy her wallpapers, I have mine framed;) (I have her green dress aswell.)
The porcelain flowers next to the poor dying plant, are old funeral lilies from France. First I thought it doesn´t feel appropriete somehow, and I wasn´t really sure how they had ended up for sale (!)... until I found out that according to tradition, they were not left on the graves and they were re-used frequently and they were florists accessories, not the funeralparlours as I had imagined. So, once I felt safer that I would not be contributing to a chain of tomb-violations-thefts etc., I decided to let them embellish my home.


Floss said...

They do look good. I am a disaster at mirror photos - the mirror always seems to show up something I'd rather keep hidden! (Washing, mainly.) I've done your tag - thanks for the fun!

sinnlighet said...

Känsla & gammeldags sinnlighet, me like!!! Tack för Din goa kommentar på min blogg, och för att Du vill veta just SJU grejor om mig. Nu råkar det vara så att jag vill berätta TIO grejor, möter det något hinder tro o;))

Lots of love