Saturday, 20 February 2010


I have a confession to make. I have a thing for mirrors.
I have lots of mirrors, in every room there´s at least a few mirrors. I can spend a fair bit of time looking at the reflections seen through the mirrors. Fortunately I haven´t gone as far as to spend lots and lots of time admiring myself through the many mirrors. I also enjoy the light reflections candles spread when placed in front of a mirror.

I saw an artists (cannot for the life of me remember the name, sporry!) photographic work once, and the artist had taken every image through a mirror. I somehow recall this artist travelled and captured life through the mirror.

At our wedding I used mirrors as table decorations. I had found a huuuuuge old chandelier in the garbage, the style of the chandlier was 70´s, so I didn´t like the shape of it, but I did save all the chrystals. There were a lot of them. So at our wedding I placed lots of white block-candles in various heights on top of the mirrors and spread lots and lots of crystals along the tables that reflected colours and light. We had a winterwedding, mid-october, and our wedding ceremony was in the late evening too, so I found it very suitable to use white tablecloths, mirrors, crystals, lots and lots of candles...
It was a fantastic evening to remember. With our loved ones, family and friends. Lots of song, lots of music, lots of poems read, lots of laughter and kisses, lots of speeches, lots of smiling faces, lots of dance, lots of food and drink until early morning. I can still recall when we walked the empty streets (just a few blocks) to our hotel in the early morning hrs, how we laughed and how happy I was. I still am. I married my best friend, my lover, my soulmate.

Above are mirrors from the bedroom. On the windowsill there is an old shaving/ travelmirror with two mirror pieces that probably used to decorate a Venetian mirror. And a slightly worn and defect murano glass mirror hanging on the wall. Some of the glass flowers are missing but I find her ever so charming. I find that defect or broken are sometimes more appealing to me and have more character than the perfect, flawless.


littlebyrd said...

They are beautiful. I loved hearing your wedding story. Lately I have had a thing for mirrors too...I've been searching them out on my junk trips!
Have a great weekend Nina ;)

sinnlighet said...

Du är fantastisk på att berätta, Du måste skriva den där boken, jag väntar på den! Du är underbar med Dina vackra speglar.


Kim said...

I've always had lots of mirrors too..that is one more thing that we have in common. So glad I came upon your blog.