Sunday, 7 February 2010


I´ve always loved sundays. Since a child. I remember that on sunday mornings, the whole family was gathered. I used to climb into my parents bed. My dad liften the covers and there was a perfect warm nest for me. It was nice to cuddle and then my mum drew words on my back (I´m almost convinced I purred!), we listened to the radio and then we ate breakfast together. Ah!

I´ve always enjoyed the easy pace on sundays. Slowly getting ready for a new week, gather thoughts, go thorugh the schedule for the week, plan what to wear (oh no, I can´t plan in the morning when I´m in a hurry). I usually don´t like to plan anything for sundays, take it as it comes.

I´m going to treat myself to some more coffee. Maybe go skiing later.

Above is a mirror in the bedroom with votive hearts.

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sinnlighet said...

Hej kära Du,
Som barn hatade jag söndagar, och sätter det i samband med kliiga kläder och strumbyxor som korvade sig... apropå Din barndoms-regression o;)

MEN IDAG älskar jag söndagar. Kommer just från onyttigheternas onyttighet. Pizza i Simrishamn och därefter café med fastlagsbulle och dammsugare...

Får se om jag orkar med yogan klockan fem...

Lots of love