Tuesday, 2 February 2010


Yes, I too have fallen for these lovely Tolix chairs (talk about beeing a fashion-victim!). I bought mine ½yrs ago, they were dirty and rosty and somewhere there were traces of colour, I believe they might have been red. I had thought of leaving them the way they were, but it was impossible to use them, as the rust kept rubbing off on clothes and the floor, inspite all my efforts to scrub off the rust and I even went as far as to treat them with oil. Anyhow, I stumbled upon a vintage Tolix chair in this lovely colour, so I decided to go ahead and paint mine the same colour. I´m very very pleased with the outcome. They look as they are made for my kitchen! I have a few Designers Guild cushions with the teacup motif that suit them perfectly! I also have a blind in the kitchen window in the same fabric.


sinnlighet said...

Jag säger bara TOLIX-kärlek!!

Lots of love


Parolan asema said...

Todella ihanat ovat, antiikki-tolixit ovat useimmiten vain juuri antiikkikunnossa monta monta sataa euroa kalliimmat kuin uudet.. mutta käyttöönhän ne ovat tarkoitettu :)