Thursday, 18 March 2010

Fashionvictim in a dome

On tuesday I passed a shop with huge closingsale-signs in the windows. It was an antiqueshop with fantastic chandeliers, mirrors, sculptures, sofas, chairs, wardrobes. It was closed when I walked by, so I only looked through the windows. But, I took the same route on my way home yesterday! So in I walk, noticed most of the stuff had a sold sign. To be honest, I don´t need anything but I´m on the lookout for a certain chandelier for our bedroom. I took a stroll around and in the far corner of the shop I see a huuuuuge glassdome. I´ve come across these on many blogs and interiour-magazines, suddenly I find myself drooling over it and thinking I need this glassdome! I ended up buying it for a very small penny (they almost gave things away! Seriously!). The shopkeeper was very friendly and packed it well for me.

It is huuge. It is beautiful. But it is huuuge. I have no idea what or if I shall have something inside it. Nor have I an idea where to place it. I´ve simply just placed it without any further thought. Last night my husband and I kept finding lines to underline the fact that we now have a huuuuge glassdome that doesn´t seem to fit... anywhere... "well, we have a glassdome, that´s about it really". "In the livingroom we have a glassdome...and a chair". "Since we got the glassdome we had to get rid of our sofa, our tv, our diningtable, our plants...". "Nowadays the glassdome sleeps with my wife".

Am I a fashionvictim? Yes I believe I am.

Went swimming today. And once again I was craving for food once I got out of the water.

I´m attending a book-release with my husband tonight. I soon must start to get ready for that venue.


George's Mum said...

wow! I love it. I have absolutely no idea what you should do with it either. Perhaps you could use it as your message storage and leave each other phone messages in there??? That would be pretty funny x x

Don said...

How about putting a single rose in there? Or maybe just keep it for air storage.

littlebyrd said...

I looooove it! Fill it up with something.....old wooden spools, balls of yarn, a big bunhc of moss, a dried flower in a vase, a bottle with feather in it.....You did the right thing buying it!!

sinnlighet said...

Nina-hjärtat, jag hade njutit av dem naturella, precis som de är. Less is more. Så fantastiskt vackra!

Hälsningar från en långbent skånska som inte kan sova, nu när det är helg, alltså mitt i natten!



sinnlighet said...

Nina-hjärtat, Du glömmer inte att önska i min tävling. Jag kanske redan har sagt det till Dig kommer inte ihåg, men då får Du ha överseende med en åldrande och förvirrad skånska!


Jenni said...

I can sooo understand those feelings!