Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Happy Easter House

Well, it´s time to wish you all a happy easter-time.
I´m going away for a short holiday.

Above is a treasure-chest I bought from Troc&Broc Vintage Shop.
A lovely little shop. I´m so charmed by the chest, I cannot stop looking at it...I really like the faded green. The surface is so soft. My husband said it was as if it was made for our home.

Ah dear, today I was reminded of a house that has been for sale for a longer time. When I walked back from lunch I passed an estate agents window, and spotted a "For sale" sign with the image of my dreamhouse. I find the house ever so charming (well, by looking at the pictures online - I haven´t seen it. Yet.) The funny thing is that I dreamed of moving into this house. The next day I thought I must let go of this silly idea of buying a house!!! But, it´s our price-range, yes, it is a bit further away from the city, but that is only good! It´s a small house, but we really don´t need 5 extra rooms, so it would be ideal. It was built in 1938. And it has a mansard-roof. It´s yellow, with white corners and windowframes. It has a garden. I would paint the door dark red. And I have the perfect curtains for the kitchen windows. I can image smoke from the chimney, there is an old glazed tile fireplace in the livingroom. Please tell me to stop!!!


Cape Cod Rambling Rose said...

What a charming house! And for sale! I hope you look into it!

And you are the one who purchased that lovely box from Troc Broc's blog! Lucky you!

Don said...

Looks great! Go for it!

sinnlighet said...

Du hjärtat, måste tacka Dig för att Du visade mig till den där underbara nätvintagebutiken... såg Din lilla underbara 'lådda' där. Skall botanisera runt i den till helgen. By the way, huset ser ljuvligt ut!

Tack för alla Dina goa kommentarer på min blogg som alltid gör mig lika varm kring hjärtetrakten!

LOL & en dejlig påsk


littlebyrd said...

Happy Easter Nina! The house is adorable. It sounds to me like it is maybe meant to be :) Have a good holiday!

jamaica byles said...

Lovely need to visit!Keep us posted...

ks said...

How cute! Check it out. Let us know!