Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Midweek wabble

Ha! Because of easter it is already midweek today (well, according to my working week).
I´m trying to pack for a little trip we´re making. We´re leaving on thursday afternoon and will be back in the weekend. Or by the latest on monday evening. I am so looking forward to a short holiday. They work the best for me. A week away is something I seldom enjoy. Seriously. I can keep up my interest and curiosity for five days very well. But I find that if I´m away for a week or longer, I start loosing interest and I also become fatigue and start counting days until I get home. And that is awful when you´re away on holiday! As if I didn´t enjoy myself. I do! I really enjoy travelling and going places, but this is something I´ve learned about myself over the years. It may have something to do with energy regulating. Because I am the type of person who easily forgets to regulate my energy consuming. With this I mean I get so excited I forget to eat and drink properly and I walk everywhere, I climb stairs hills mountains if possible, and after five or more days I need to rest! Silly really!

Just read this lovely post at Pretty Gingham (a blog I read regurlarly, I recommend!) and the images awoke such a huuuuge longing for summer. How can one long this much? It feels as if it is aching in me. But I don´t think it is. But the longing is defenately there.


Lorrie said...

Enjoy your few days away. Sometimes I think the best part of going away is coming home.

Don said...

I'm usually good for two weeks, then I'm ready for home. After two weeks at home I'm ready to go away again! I hope you enjoy your trip.

Tracey said...

How nice...enjoy your getaway!!!

Happy Easter ~

:) T