Sunday, 28 March 2010


I sometimes relax by making origami. That is what I have been up to lately.

I make origami out of any paper I find appealing. Above is a flower made of old booksheets. I sometimes pick up books from the recykling-centre.
Above are also lilies made of old maps. I found a bunch of travel-literature in the garbage (!) with old maps, the maps were in dreadful condition so they were only good for the trash, or re-use.

When I first started making origami I made lots and lots of cranes of magazine-pages.

This morning I lay in bed listening to my favorite radio-progammes. I enjoy a good edited programme. With a start, a thread and a conclusion and/or ending. My goodness what a conservative listener I have become;) But I no-longer can stand these radioprogrammes where the radiojournalist is just wabbling on about trivial matters and the sad playlists are a real killer to any programme. I have spoken, thank you!

PS. My 200th post giweaway ends today.


Cape Cod Rambling Rose said...

I loved doing origami when I was little! My German aunt sent me my very first origami kit when I was a child. She still does origami herself to this very day! LOVELY cranes you've made! =)

sinnlighet said...

Åhhhh så sinnligt vackert, det är första gången jag hör ordet origami. Vad kan det betyda tro?


Jeannette said...

I´m green with envy! ;) I still want to learn how to do it. Here in Germany they will sell stars and cranes at Christmas and every time I wish I could do the same.
I have to search for a tutorial and finally do it myself! ;)
Love the idea with the old maps.

Made in Persbo...Carina said...


Jag är så fashinerad av allt vackert man kan göra med ett enkelt papper!
Idag finns det ju så fantastiskt fina papper att få tag i också :)

Ha en skön helg du med :)

Kram, Carina